“is the mother of all energies. It charges up every part of you. When you’re plugged in, a spontaneous combustion occurs that ‘artists’ don’t have a monopoly on.” Judith Orlo.

Besides the food we eat and the sights and sounds we experience, the way we use and treat our body and mind profoundly affects our energy, hence our creative power.

Creativity arises naturally when we are most relaxed and present, which in today’s world is hardly ever, as we are constantly distracted by daily preoccupations, scattered thoughts and now also social media.

Mindfulness and yoga techniques grant us access to the deeper places of our psyche and consciousness where creative ideas emerge from, while simultaneously offering us tools to work with some of our biggest obstacles as creators. No matter what kind of art you call your own, these practices can fully connect you with the creative side of your brain and rewire it long term to approach any creative endeavour.

UnlockYourBlock comprises of simple tools, fun exercises, a series of postures, movements, breathing, visualisation, relaxation and meditation techniques, all tried and tested to open the door to the natural flow of creativity.