Success in life doesn’t depend only on natural abilities, but also on your determination to grasp the opportunities that come your way. “These come by creation, not by chance…You alone are responsible for yourself” (P. Yogananda).

Your thoughts, the ones you habitually entertain, will inevitably bring you either to failure or success… so you must fully believe in your own plans and abilities and use all your willpower to carry them out.

Hence the key ingredients for a successful life in whichever path we choose are:

Positive thinking

(Dynamic) Willpower

Continuous activity / action

“Carrying a thought with Dynamic willpower means entertaining that thought until it assumes an outward form. When your willpower develops that way, and when you can control your destiny by your willpower, then you can do tremendous things” (P. Yogananda).

UnlockYourblock’s mission is to share timeless tools to use to:

    1. Decide what your mission in life is so that you can make yourself what you want to be
    2. Transfer your attention from failure to success, from worry & restlessness to calmness,
      from scattered thoughts to concentration.
    3. Strengthen and constantly feed your Will Power to work towards that end (your mission)
    4. Spark you into taking Initiative/action

One of the greatest enemies of willpower is fear. UnlockYourBlock will share with you techniques to help you avoid fear both in thought and in action as well as ways to learn to use failure as a stimulant to your willpower.

When you are calm and can draw on the powers of concentration and mindfulness, you can easily direct your mighty mind to accomplish what you most desire (in order to be truly happy) and keep failure out.