Public Speaking








If you’re an anxious public speaker, don’t panic… Tools for working with the breath and mind are the most effective to calm you when you have to give a speech or show up for a job interview.

Performance anxiety occurs when your limbic system reacts to a stressful social situation as if you were in physical danger. You can stop the reaction by slowing your breath. Regular programmes that include breathing practices help young professional musicians and actors everyday control their performance fears.

Another way to ease your nerves is by focusing your attention. The more focused your concentration becomes on your task, the harder it is to be distracted by anxiety. Also practising detachment from the outcome of your actions and devoting the results to something greater, such as a new career path.

These very practical approaches subtly help us deal with the root cause of the problem, which in most cases is low self-worth.

In the yogic tradition, the energetic centres of creativity and that of communication are one and the same – corresponding to the throat and midbrain on the physical body. Unlocking these centres unleashes at once the flow of creativity and communication.

You will learn and practise various tried and tested techniques, including breathing, posture/stance, visualisation, relaxation, meditation and many more that will unlock your communication power and make expression flow smoothly and fearlessly. As a confident and experienced public speaker, Tia also coaches and shares tips on other aspects of public speaking, such as structure, presence, voice and facial expression.