School & University Programmes

To promote the well-being of children and young people through the practice of yoga is the highest and dearest aim of UYB and its founder. The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children, teens and young people in education are now very well documented by a ton of well-being research. These benefits spread from health to behaviour, to performance and more. By sharing yoga practices widely amongst children and youth, not only will we benefit each individual but society overall.

There are basic academic benefits, such as creating a more relaxed state, perfect for teaching and learning; bringing students into the present, hence positively impacting their performance.

Social and Behavioural benefits: encouraging community & respect for oneself and others; providing opportunities for reflection and mindfulness thereby reducing impulsivity and hostility.

Psychological and Emotional benefits: regulating emotions and behaviour, easing anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance anxiety); reducing anger, depression, and fatigue; cultivating balanced psychological and physiological responses to stress, such as improved stress management and decreased cortisol concentrations.

Physical benefits: enhancing flexibility, strength, and physical well-being.

Resilience: enhancing coping frequency, thereby helping students adapt and cope with negative life events; improving respiratory and heart muscle strength and response.

In addition to all the above benefits, UnlockYourBlock programmes will help students:

  • Boost Confidence & Drive
  • Unleash Creativity
  • Overcome fear of/ hone skills for Public Speaking
  • Build a culture of Collaboration, eliminating ego and selfishness
  • Build a mindset of (personal & group) Success

Yoga is not only invaluable for students. It is helping schools and universities fulfil the need for Personal, Social and Health Education and for Social and Emotional Learning as well as the new requirement to deliver Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural guidance to students. Last but not least, the classroom environment greatly benefits.

To discuss a bespoke workshop, talk or programme for your school or university, please Contact us