Group Classes

Group classes are the most economical way of practising yoga under the presence and direction of a teacher. 
They also bring the benefit of the group’s energy and of meeting like-minded people. 
Yoga should also be considered in the workplace as it improves posture and morale, prevents aches and helps employees resume their work with more productivity.
All group classes are designed for all experience levels.

I started yoga and have been practising for six months in Tia classes. Tia is a great, friendly person, and it is obvious that she loves teaching. I like that she pays attention and corrects everyone’s posture individually instead of just globally leading the group. As a martial artist, I found yoga to be very beneficial not only for my flexibility, but also for my balance, body awareness, and I gained a deeper understanding of body mechanics. On top of it all my chronic back pain has definitely eased. Thanks Tia for the initiation!’

Jean-David Wurtz 

Public classes at the following London studios:

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Private Classes

Private instruction is the best (and most convenient) way to work on specific aspects of your yoga practice, whether you are looking for a basic, vigorous, restorative, or therapeutic practice. 
Nothing compares to learning with the undivided attention of an instructor. 
You can choose to take the class at Tia’s home or in your own space if preferred.
As a beginner, Tia’s informative & accurate teaching methods have taught me the importance of doing poses correctly. Her classes are friendly and relaxing, I always leave with a clear head. Wither her help and expertise, she has inspired me to practise more yoga’
Liz Barlow, Regular Yoga Student

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