UYB’s online coaching courses and programmes are a powerful, intensive way to explore your life purpose & creative dreams and kick-start the action you need to take for that Vision to become reality, or simply to build Resilience skills into your daily routine and learn to live in Balance. UYB’s signature coaching approach, like the workshop series, is called E-Quity Builder as it’s aimed at cultivating positive energy, as the key source of Balance and confident Vision.

Balance Quest is primarily based on Building Personal Resilience™, a system of HeartMath® tools and techniques that change the way you physically, mentally and emotionally respond in the face of challenge and stress. The simple, science-based techniques taught during coaching are self-regulating practices aimed at Balancing us and can be used any time, anywhere, to calm reactive emotions, so increasing clarity and enhancing relationships. Read More

ConfidentVISION is a UYB coaching approach aimed at changing limiting beliefs and dissolving any blocks to your highest (creative) output and living the life of your dreams, personally and professionally. You will discover, learn and practise the skillsets for building self-worthiness, confidence, visionary leadership and continuous unfolding of ambition and purpose. All this built on the fundamentals of (as well as with the goal of) leading a Balanced life. Read More

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UnlockYourCareer PROGRAMME

Combining the salient parts of Personal Resilience and ConfidentVISION, and adding targeted deep self-discovery work as well as practical week-by-week steps to get you to your dream job or career, is our UnlockYourCareer 8-week online programme. In the course of the 8 weeks, you will get clarity on a new MEANINGFUL career path right for you and figure out the exact steps for a successful career change.

We have put together an insightful free masterclass to give you a taster of the programme. You can register here:https://joinnow.live/s/ots7l0. The masterclass starts every 15 minutes and lasts just under 45 minutes. So it’s best to register when you have an hour of time.

If you are interested to join our 8-week online programme, get in touch.

Coaching Design & Experience

The main aim of the online coaching courses and programmes is to see everyone get to the end of it fully equipped to self-regulate and be in control of the lives they want to live.
Individuals will receive comprehensive guiding materials with all content covered in session, step-by-step techniques, and exercises for exploration between sessions.
All techniques taught in the modules are practiced under clear guidance, and individuals will be supported on their own journey.

6-8 one-hour sessions

Stress & Wellbeing assessment

Guide material provided


  • Alignment of and action towards organisational & personal purpose & goals.
  • Reduced illness and stress (management).
  • Optimised resilience and productivity.
  • Increased clarity and focus under pressure.
  • Enhanced team relations at all levels.
  • Increased work-life harmony.
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking.
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills.


  • Alignment with and action towards personal purpose and goals.
  • Reduced Stress in face of any challenges.
  • Resilience: Self-regulation of fear, anxiety, worry & frustration.
  • Greater balanced care vs over care. Work-life balance.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking.
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills.


  • Alignment with and action towards personal purpose and goals.
  • Positive relationship with school & education.
  • Regulation of general and social anxiety.
  • Reduced stress from exams and peer pressure.
  • Improved clarity, focus, study skills and memory.
  • Improved test scores.
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking.
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills.