CORPORATE ATHLETES: BUILD YOUR E-QUITY through Intelligent Energy Management

UYB’s signature programme of sessions and workshops helps employees to absorb and implement all the mindsets and habits of real athletes, to drive performance, engagement and fulfilment over 90 days. The scientific theory behind this programme and approach is that the secret to peak performance (and the fulfilment that normally follows) does not lie in how we manage our time or the competences we build (which are of course also important) but in how well we manage our energy and ultimately ourselves.

The sessions are super engaging and practical, and present any theoretical and science-based information in a simple and easy-to-understand format, whether online or in person, with plenty of examples and personal stories. Participants learn how to recognise and transform toxic blocks at physical, emotional and mental level. With consistent practice and simple tools, we are able to permanently reduce our tendency for negative thoughts, and the resulting emotions and behavioural patterns.

Corporate Athletes Unleashed is modular, fully customised to the organisation’s needs, and divided in strands, that can be combined in different ways.


The Corporate world has adopted many mindsets, beliefs and behaviours of the Sports world, but left out arguably the most important three:

  • MANAGING ENERGY rather than time
  • ABSOLUTE FOCUS on one thing at the time
  • INTERMITTENT RECOVERY at regular intervals

This leads to impacted performance and feeling unhappy, disengaged and unfulfilled. Read More


Performance problems (and the resulting low engagement) can be traced to the imbalance between expenditure & recovery of energy (over or under, be it physical, mental or emotional) and can be addressed by simply rebalancing how much energy we spend vs how much we replenish, on a daily, hourly basis.

Following a period of activity, the body must replenish its biochemical sources of energy.

Recovery is more than the absence of work. It serves health, happiness & performance. Read More

Want to get an idea of what we cover in this programme?

Watch this free masterclass where we share the key strategies and practical daily actions for individuals to take in order to double their energy and halve the stress in their lives.

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Sessions Design & Experience

Tia will advise on best practices in the design of your programme and workshop experience to provide sustainable positive impact on the personal and professional lives of participants & teams, and in turn organisations. All techniques taught in the modules are practiced under clear guidance, in a safe and open environment, whether physical or virtual, and all participants get supported on their individual journey as they put in place new life enhancing habits and learn new skills and tools. The main aim is to see everyone leave the session(s) fully equipped to self-regulate and be in control of the lives they want to live.

1, 2, 4, 6 and 8-hour options

Fully customisable

Some sessions max 25 people


  • Alignment with and action towards organisational & personal purpose & goals
  • Mental fitness = optimal performance
  • Physical, Mental & Emotional Resilience = reduced stress
  • Increased clarity and focus under pressure
  • Enhanced team relations at all levels
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills
  • Happier, engaged, fulfilled people and teams
  • ££££ saved on sick leave and turnover caused by burnout & disengagement
  • Additional ££££ due to higher productivity and happier clients


  • Purpose and New Habit Setting: making sure that what we do aligns with a set of values we believe in & establishing firm routines so that the important things we need to do become "automatic" and pull us
  • Physical Energy: nurturing the raw energy that fuels life through the right basics of Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise & Breathing
  • Emotional Self-Regulation: becoming attuned to our depleting emotions in order to shift into positive states with simple in-the-moment techniques
  • Mental Fitness: building our positive mental muscle (PQ) in order to increase clarity, focus, confidence, our ability to take laser-focused action and improve performance overall


Add energy to everything you do

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