Launch a successful side hustle as your ticket out of corporate

The future is Small Business. By 2022, 50% of the American workforce will be freelance and other countries are following just behind. Big corporate is losing its appeal for many reasons, a key one being: it’s failing women everyday. We are told to lean into a broken system that insists on wanting to fix women rather than the real problems. But don’t despair! We have the solution… and that is designing our own new system that fits our lives, needs and desires like a glove! Queen Of My Hustle helps disillusioned female leaders create and launch a successful side hustle in 8 weeks, that will turn into your ticket out of corporate so that you can be your own boss as soon as you are ready. We’ll guide you to see the best options available to you with crystal clarity and take laser-focused action.


Choose an idea that suits your skills and interests (gives you joy!), adds value to people/the world, and makes a great profit


Feel confident in your abilities to execute it, which brings excitement about each day and about being your own boss


Take small consistent action, progressing steadily to launch, with laser focus and always knowing what comes next

Does this sound like you?

Are you waking up every morning no longer motivated by what you do?
Are you living in autopilot, with no control of your own agenda, always responding to someone else’s needs?
Are you languishing in your job, feeling stagnant and/or overwhelmed, asking yourself “is this it”?
Do you long to make a change but worry about having to take pay-cuts?
To have to retrain for years?
And throw away all you built so far with your hard work?
But also, do you feel stuck, with no idea of what you could be doing, and if you have an idea you just don’t know where to start? Read More
Do you feel you have given your best years to a job/ career you don’t really care about?
Yet, despite all those years, are you constantly second-guessing yourself, feeling out of place?
Have you started to feel doomed to wait for retirement to find happiness and freedom?

It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine if...

You woke up everyday feeling motivated and energised by what you do

You had clarity on how to use your skills and interests to do something different, that you truly love and that it’s meaningful to you.

You were in control of your own agenda and schedule, perhaps even your own boss!

You had confidence in your ability to make the transition to another career path successfully…

Earning the money you need for your lifestyle and without lengthy re-trainings

And able to build on your experience, rather than throwing it a way to start from scratch? Read More

If so many of us have done it, so can you!

Want to finally plan your exit from corporate?

Watch this free masterclass where I share the 5 key strategies to launch a successful side hustle that will get you out of corporate without lengthy retraining or eye-watering pay-cuts.

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How Queen Of My Hustle Works


Guided self-learning in short modules, that fit into any busy life, organised across 10 weeks; focusing both on building your inner game (entrepreneur mindset) and outer game (business strategies & tactics)


Virtual Q&A calls twice a week, one focusing on mindset, one on business progress, where you can share your struggles and victories with your coach and wider group and get the support you need


These sessions will be specifically dedicated to understand and remove your most stubborn blocks, whether mental or practical, to deliver maximum breakthroughs, fast

What you will learn

The programme is based on an approach specifically designed to empower driven women to thrive in ALL areas of their life (what we call WHOLE-LIFE BALANCE). Imagine downloading a new operating system, on which all areas of your life can run smoothly. During the course of the 8 weeks, you’ll become more and more confident, find a renewed focus, and learn to take action everyday towards building the life you want.


Focus with a proven approach to prioritising, learning time management techniques that actually work; understand where your time is going and free up 20% of your time every day; boost your willpower and avoid procrastination.


Uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and making you lack confidence; let go of them by labelling them and mastering techniques that will build the right mental muscles to keep them at bay and stay in flow.


Become a person of influence that makes things happen in the workplace, embracing your own leadership style and, as importantly, a person who is effective at home and fosters a calm and loving family environment.


In order to get off to a good start we need to get clear on your short & long Goals, your Values/Purpose and what deeply motivates you. And don’t worry if you have no idea right now! We will also get crystal clarity on your strengths and Interests (your favourite ones) as well as other variables that your ideal life will need to tick (Money, People, Geography and other Conditions).


Building on our findings from the work done so far, we work on choosing a passion project that will suit your skills, interests and all other key requirements and positively add to your reputation. Be prepared to be open minded and have some fun!


During this step, we will delve into the market research and identify opportunities for each idea to identify a clear point of difference. From understanding your audience interests, to building a brand that emotionally connects with people, we’ll aim to solidify the concept into a proposition people can engage with.


The third week we’ll work on planning out a marketing strategy that will get your concept noticed. During this session we will explore the content planning process, the best channels to use, how to fully leverage organic opportunities and how to start a movement people want to connect with.

Time for whole-life balance?

Speak directly to Tia to find out how you can take control of your career, without sacrificing family time or burning out. Don’t accept to just survive. The choice is there for us all to thrive and live a happy life.