Is the confidence gap real?

Between the age of 8 and 14 girl’s confidence levels fall by 30% (on average). Sad statistic.

Often, they don’t go back to normal level. Very sad statistic.

Unless rectified as teenagers, women keep their head down for years and play by the “rules”, in the hope that with enough hard work, their talents will be recognised and rewarded. And whilst there has been some progress, men have continued to get promoted faster and be paid more. Certainly, there are a number of cultural and institutional barriers, which normally get listed as explanation. But those miss something much more basic: women’s acute lack of confidence. A dark force holding them back. A key emotion behind this all is FEAR, a depleting emotion that sometimes protects us but mostly keeps us stuck. Because of how widespread this issue is, we have built an intensive course to nip this issue in the bud in only 8 weeks.


This is a very targeted programme, aimed at TEEN GIRLS (and/or PARENTS) struggling with low confidence, social anxiety and/or school refusal and anxiety and more broadly teen girls in need of building their resilience skills and strategies. We cover exhaustively strategies and tools to unlock confidence, including calculated risk taking and re-framing failure.

We teach young girls how to build a positive relationship with themselves and be happy in their skin; how to re-train their brains so to control overthinking and catastrophising; how to listen to their heart so to find their purpose in life and live up to their true potential; how to communicate constructively and effectively and build strong bonds and relationships with family, peers and the wider community around them; how to reduce and manage stress at school. And finally, how to hold themselves accountable to their own confidence manifesto: staying true to their newly found voice and always taking ACTION to make it heard.

It’s an OUTCOME-BASED premium programme, which teaches practical lifetime skills, tools and approaches. The necessary theory and science are shared to give girls enough knowledge, but always in a fun, inspiring way.


  1. THE KEYS TO UNLOCKING CONFIDENCE, includes reframing failure and becoming comfortable with leaving one’s comfort zone.
  2. BUILDING RESILIENCE, the key to distressing and being in control.
  3. YOU & YOUR BODY, includes addressing body self-consciousness and power stances.
  4. YOU & YOUR BRAIN, includes retraining the brain to stop overthinking (both over the past and about the future) & start positive patterns of thinking to feel happy.
  5. YOU & YOUR HEART, includes unleashing one’s Potential and dreams and developing the ability to be kind to ourselves.
  6. RELATIONSHIPS & HEALTHY COMMUNICATION, includes establishing healthy boundaries with peers, addressing people-pleasing tendencies and building constructive relationships with parents/ adults.
  7. BUILDING A CONFIDENT SELF, includes getting done with Perfectionism and finding own Voice and making it heard.
  8. CREATING OWN CONFIDENCE MANIFESTO, to refer back to for years to come for boosts every time they are needed.

How it Works


with key content and your tasks for the week, which you can access in your own time. All material is presented by Tia


if you ever get stuck in between lessons or have any question. We normally respond within hours and help you move on


in terms of techniques we will work with, once they are part of your routine you will have your own self-help box for life


Q&A coaching calls can be booked separately, to strengthen your mindset or dig deeper into the material & tools