E-QUITY BUILDER: Thriving through Intelligent Energy Management

UYB’s signature workshops are super engaging and practical, and present any theoretical and science-based information in a simple and easy-to-understand format, whether online or in person, with plenty of examples and personal stories. Participants learn how to recognise and transform toxic blocks, such as the voice of our inner critic and other self-fuelled saboteurs, in the moment. With consistent practice, we are able to permanently reduce our tendency for negative thoughts, and the resulting emotions and behavioural patterns.

The E-Quity Builder programme is modular, fully customisable, and divided in two strands, that can be easily combined:

Balance Quest

UYB’s Balance Quest Workshop modules focus on building Mental and Emotional Fitness as the essential starting point to perform at our best at work, whilst finding balance and happiness in life. The simple, science-based techniques taught in these modules are self-regulating practices aimed at balancing us and can be used any time, anywhere, to switch us into a positive thinking state, calm reactive emotions, so increasing clarity and enhancing relationships via effective communication.  HeartMath®’s Resilience Advantage™ training forms part of this workshop series, as building Resilience skills is nowadays the foundation upon which all transformation journeys can begin. Read More


UYB’s ConfidentVISION Workshops focus on specific applications that lead on from a solid base of mental and emotional fitness: maximised Creativity, Confidence, Leadership and ultimately creating the fundamentals not only to be successful but to unfold our Purpose in life . Motivational as well as practical, the modules teach daily routines, affirmations and willpower practices, postures, fun exercises, visualisation and other techniques; all proven to open the doors to the flow of Creativity, to high performance, to being our best self and to accomplishing our life-purpose. The workshop is geared to spark anyone attending into taking daily action towards being that best self that is hiding in all of us. Read More

Workshops Design & Experience

Tia will advise on best practices in the design of your workshop experience to provide sustainable positive impact on the personal and professional lives of participants & teams, and in turn organisations. All techniques taught in the modules are practiced under clear guidance, in a safe and open environment, whether physical or virtual, and all participants get supported on their individual journey. The main aim is to see everyone leave the session(s) fully equipped to self-regulate and be in control of the lives they want to live.

2, 4, 6 and 8-hour options

Fully customisable

Max 24 participants


  • Alignment with and action towards organisational & personal purpose & goals
  • Mental fitness = optimal performance
  • Resilience = reduced stress
  • Increased clarity and focus under pressure
  • Enhanced team relations at all levels
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills
  • Happier people and teams


  • Definition of and action towards personal purpose & goals
  • Mental fitness = optimal focus & performance
  • Resilience: self-regulation of fear, anxiety & frustration
  • More balanced care vs over care
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater creative and innovative thinking
  • Improved confidence, willpower (& leadership skills)
  • Happier life


  • Definition of and action towards personal purpose and goals
  • Mental fitness = reduced Stress in face of challenges
  • Positive relationship with school & education
  • Regulation of general and social anxiety
  • Reduced stress from exams and peer pressure
  • Improved creativity, clarity, focus & study skills
  • Improved confidence, willpower & leadership skills
  • Happier students