The biggest regret on one’s bed is not having lived a life true to oneself. This very often includes having stayed in a job or career that didn’t bring happiness and satisfactions for the wrong reasons, such as worrying about having to take a payout, fear of having to take years out to retrain, fear of not being able to provide for the family, worrying about what others would think… and simply feeling paralysed by the idea of such change and as a result justifying the decision to stay where we are. The key emotion behind this all is FEAR, a depleting emotion that sometimes protects us but mostly keeps us stuck. Because of how widespread this issue is, we have built an intensive tailored programme to nip this issue in the bud in only 8 weeks and puts you well on your way to a MEANINGFUL NEW CAREER.


This course was born to address two key issues a) the most widely used methods to find a new career / type of role almost never lead to the dream career (for instance, internet search would have a 4% success rate in this respect); b) that often people endure careers they hate because they think that the only ways to change career are to either go back to university and retrain or start from the bottom again. None of this is true!

This course combines targeted deep self-discovery work as well as practical week-by-week steps to get you to your dream job or career in the shortest possible time. In the course of the 8 weeks, you will get clarity on a new MEANINGFUL career path right for you and figure out the exact steps to get there, without having to start from scratch again or having to go through lengthy retraining.

By the end of the 8 weeks you will have:

  • Clarity on your path
  • A clear action plan, which you will have progressed
  • A strong mindset and beliefs and the ability to self-correct path in the future


  1. Building clear awareness of current blocks that are holding you back & building a long-lasting success mindset.
  2. Equipping you with lifetime in-the-moment tools to build empowering beliefs and manage your response to situations effectively.
  3. Self-Discovery Pyramid (this is our proprietary method for career change) & Defining your ‘Purpose’.
  4. Selecting your favourite interests & fields from all you learned in and outside work, using our method.
  5. Selecting your favourite transferable skills you want to use, via our method.
  6. HOW you’d like to work: type of people you want to surround yourself with; workplace conditions; salary.
  7. WHERE you’d like to work: location & types of businesses that YOU can see yourself thriving in.
  8. Strategy action plan & step-by-step approach. Tight selection of potential routes that reflect what you love and need. From there, we coach you through identifying types of organizations that offer those roles, short-listing companies, as well as most effective contact strategy.

Time for a Bold Career Change?

Watch this free short training where I share the 4 key strategies to make a bold career change, without losing your cushy salary and/or having to retrain for years to change path (you will be asked to provide your email to access the training).


How it Works


with key content and your tasks for the week, which you can access in your own time. All material is presented by Tia


if you ever get stuck in between lessons or have any question. We normally respond within hours and help you move on


in terms of techniques we will work with, once they are part of your knowledge you will have your own self-help box for life


Q&A coaching calls can be booked separately, to strengthen your mindset or dig deeper into the material & tools


Make a Bold Career Change - Free Session

During this session, you will work with Tia to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success and fulfilment in your career
  • Uncover hidden challenges that might be holding you back and keeping you stuck in a job that feels meaningless and/or that no longer motivates you
  • Leave the session re-energised, inspired, with clarity on the actions to take and renewed confidence to get your career on track

At that stage you might decide you want our support and sign up for our programme or that you are happy to try and execute solo. Either way, we will still be friends!