About Tia

Tia is a very vibrant, warm and playful character and this shines through everything she does.

Relocating from Italy during university, Tia has lived in London since. After her Master’s degree, she started working in Marketing & Communications and climbed the corporate ladder at a great pace. 

With a successful career also came pressure, long working hours and stress… Having tried everything to manage her wellbeing alongside her demanding job, about 10 years ago Tia decided to try yoga and… never looked back!

Whilst progressing her career in ever more demanding leadership roles, Tia decided to study Yoga and Meditation and is now a 500 certified Yoga Alliance teacher. Tia currently is head of Innovation at a top three advertising network and teaches at renowned yoga studios in London as well as privately. 

In yoga and mental wellbeing, Tia found not only the answer to Stress Management but also the source of Creative expression, Empowerment, confident Public Speaking and conscious, Mindful Leadership.

Having introduced a lot of what she has learned through yoga & mental health into her workplace, Tia felt this knowledge should be shared more widely with anyone looking to unlock & maximise their potential in these core aspects of life. So she founded UnlockYourBlock, which brings together a wealth of knowledge, approaches and simple techniques for individual & group/corporate programmes.

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Tia is a very energetic creative facilitator and a very inspirational & motivational speaker, sought after in the industry she currently works in as well as outside.