How much time and money are you wasting right now?

Strategy, being a team player, the importance of feedback… The corporate world has actually adopted quite a few mindsets, beliefs, and behaviours from sports.

Sadly, it left out arguably the most important three:

  • Managing energy rather than time
  • Absolute focus on one thing at a time
  • Intermittent recovery at regular intervals

These strategies can make the biggest difference during a match or an athlete’s overall career.

Instead, most employees are currently expected to:

  • Rely on their willpower – and the office coffee machine – to try and manage their limited time more efficiently
  • Move relentlessly from one task to the next, with multi-tasking being heralded as a badge of honour
  • Making sure they’re constantly keeping busy since downtime is seen as wasted time by their managers

This has dangerous consequences for both your employees and your actual company:

  • Their performance is negatively impacted, and they never achieve their full potential. Instead, they slowly feel more and more unhappy, unfulfilled, and disengaged from their job. This can also have a toll on their mental and physical health
  • This vicious cycle holds your company back from growing and makes it harder to retain top talent. This means you’re wasting additional money on sick leave and the turnover caused by burnout and disengagement… and it’ll cost you between 6 and 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace them!

Luckily, you can fix all of this. The first step? A mindset change.

Working time is limited. Energy is not

Building competencies and managing your employees’ time more effectively is still important, but it won’t solve the core problem.

Using scientifically-based tools, we enable your employees to align their physical, mental, and emotional systems.

This results in:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased resilience
  • Unlocked natural guidance to make better choices
  • Leading also to increased creativity, problem solving and performance
  • Being able to approach future challenges with more clarity, confidence, and emotional balance

You can train the brain just like a muscle!

To achieve mental fitness, we’ll allow your employees to strengthen three key areas:

  • The Saboteur interceptor so they can spot their sabotaging tendencies and stop them before they take over
  • The Sage, which will unleash their powers and strengths to face new challenges with a positive growth mindset
  • The Self-Command muscle to become in control of their mind and emotions (no longer the other way around!)

What can you expect as a result for your company?

  • Enhanced staff well-being
  • A 30-50% performance and productivity boost
  • Happier, engaged, and fulfilled individuals and teams
  • Smoother collaboration, improved conflict management, and stronger relationships overall
  • Retaining talent and saving money on unproductive day-to-day operations, sick leave, and turnover
  • Reaching the full potential of your staff and, consequently, that of your actual company, future-proofing it for GROWTH

Corporate Athletes Unleashed - Productivity and mental fitness training for people-first companies

Take your employees from “overworked and caffeinated zombies” to “empowered and energetic corporate athletes” in only 90 days.

No more temporary patches like time-management logs and unrealistic checklists!

Instead, our flagship emotional fitness coaching and training programme focuses on developing and mastering their 4 energy sources:

Most employees get stuck in an unproductive slump during their work day. We’ll bypass it by bio-hacking them through the basics of nutrition, sleep, exercise, and breathing.

Our biggest energy drains are actually negative emotions like frustration, anger, and anxiety. Unfortunately, your employees experience them on a daily basis. Through the right rituals and in-the-moment techniques, however, they’ll learn to self-regulate, controlling their responses to negative triggers and shifting into more positive emotions consciously.

When we strengthen our Saboteur interceptor our Self-Command and Sage brain muscles, we can finally achieve mental fitness. This improves our clarity, focus, confidence, and the ability to take laser-focused action, reaching peak performance.

Living and working in alignment with our values is what keeps us inspired, fulfilled, and – consequently – energised. By helping your employees identify theirs and establish firm routines and rituals, we’ll enable them to work meaningfully every single day.

With Tia as your consultant and coach, this 90-day energy and productivity programme consists of inspiring weekly sessions focusing on a practical approach and life-long tools.

By the end of it, you’ll have a workforce of energetic athlete-like employees able to reach peak performance – both individually and as a team.

Our Corporate Athletes productivity workshops and keynotes

All of our mental fitness and productivity training programmes are

Fully customisable

Tailored to your own needs and circumstances

Available virtually, in-person, or as a hybrid option

As well as our flagship mental and emotional fitness programme, here are some popular productivity training sessions to choose from.

Know & Weaken Your Saboteurs

Flagship mental fitness training workshop

From the perfectionist Stickler to the self-doubting Hyper-Vigilant, we all have some internal saboteurs, and that includes your employees.

We developed these self-sabotaging tendencies as protective mechanisms throughout childhood… and yet they’re still holding us hostages as adults! 

This emotional fitness training will teach your employees to:

  • identify their top saboteurs
  • lower their voice in the moment whenever they present themselves
  • weaken them long-term
  • help their colleagues do the same, developing stronger relationships as a result (perfect for building resilient teams!)

Build Your Mental Fitness

Flagship keynote on developing mental fitness

Our mental fitness is the capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.

So, the higher your employees’ mental fitness, the better their peace of mind, wellness, relationships, and⁠ – as a result⁠ – their performance. Who wouldn’t want more of that for their teams?!

This mental fitness workshop or keynote allows them to:

  • Master self-command to gain more control over their minds
  • Build awareness of their sabotaging tendencies
  • Learn tools to weaken their saboteurs on the spot
  • Supercharge their strengths
  • Face future challenges with resilience and a positive mindset

Bio-Hack Yourself, Like an Athlete

Available as a productivity workshop or keynote

Humans are the only species with the ability to regulate our biology. By making our bodies and brains function better, we can become physically healthier, mentally and emotionally balanced, and reach peak performance.

Unfortunately, most people never get to make the most of this – or even hear about it in the first place.

Gain an advantage over your competitors, and start growing by teaching these secrets to your employees!

After this energy management and resilience training in the workplace, they will:

  • Understand the connection between body and mind
  • Know how to use the key tools to self-regulate their biology
  • Be able to deal with stress effectively as and when it presents itself
  • Build their resilience capacity
  • Prevent rather than cure

New Habits that Last

Available as a habit workshop or keynote

We’ve all done it before: thinking we’re going to change our entire life on the 1st of January and promising ourselves we’ll be consistent with our new habits… only to give up after a month (or, worse, a week).

Willpower alone is not enough for successful habit creation! So, we’ll teach your employees the actual science and biology behind it.

This habit workshop with resilience training in the workplace covers:

  • Exactly what makes habits stick
  • How to prioritise habit introduction
  • How to plan their new habit in a way they can actually commit to it
  • The most common mistakes to avoid
  • Identifying when a habit is actually established and they can confidently move on to a different one

Reconnecting with Core Values

Available as a workshop or keynote

Each of your employees has their own set of values which represent who they are. When they end up disconnecting and distancing themselves from them, that’s when they start feeling unfulfilled, disengaged, and unhappy.

This has a negative impact on both their lives and your company, as it penalises productivity and performance. In some cases, it can even lead to a higher turnover rate!

With this session, we’ll enable your employees to:

  • Reconnect with their core values
  • Understand how they can make them feel authentic
  • Use their values as a compass
  • Manage conflict by meeting others at the level of values instead of staying on the surface of what’s said

Unleash Your Creativity in a Digital World

Available as a creativity workshop or keynote

When it comes to creativity, technology is a double-edged sword. Sure, it’s a huge enhancer and can inspire several lightbulb moments, but it also means that we are constantly switched on.

This gets in the way of your employees’ life and day-to-day work.

With this creativity workshop, we’ll focus on the actual science behind this ability. Your employees will learn:

  • Why we were all born creative
  • How the misuse of technology and an always-on culture has been negatively impacting their creativity
  • 3 simple things they can do to achieve their creative and problem-solving potential

Some of the companies that invested in UnlockYourBlock and our leadership training programmes

Unleash the full potential of your employees. Gain a team of energetic corporate athletes

After our mental fitness and productivity training, your people-first company will obtain

Empowered, resilient, and motivated employees with the tools to manage their energy successfully and reach their full potential

More efficient teams working together effectively

Higher productivity and peak performance, which will allow your company to achieve better results and grow sustainably

Caffeine and time-management aren’t the solutions. To create a healthier and more productive work environment, you must first unlock your employees’ energy.

Let’s find the right mental fitness training or productivity workshop for your unique situation.

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