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My special invitation for mid-career female leaders languishing in their corporate job

Feeling stuck in a career that no longer feels ‘yours’?

Together, we’ll create a personalised action plan so that you can identify your new path and work towards it in 90 days… all for FREE!

So, you’ve had your mid-career wake-up call, right?

You’ve been working hard but feeling demotivated and unfulfilled, almost as if you’re not in control of your own agenda, career, and life.

Unfortunately, though, you just can’t seem to figure out what other options you have.

Plus, you’re terrified of the thought of losing your seniority and pay, wasting years retraining, or having to throw away everything you’ve built so far.

So, let me clarify something:

  • You can find a new career path that allows you to realign with the purpose you yearn for
  • You can start working meaningfully, feeling energised and fulfilled
  • You won’t need to give up everything to get there

But you do need some guidance. It’s incredibly hard to see beyond your current job title when you’re feeling so overwhelmed and burnout.

I know this because I’ve been there, and I needed years of coaching and training to find my new path.

Now, I have a proven formula that keeps helping like-minded female leaders find clarity and change direction in as little as three months.

This is your chance to make the most of it!

Become a Queen of My Hustle in the next 90 days

During our free session, we will:

1. Assess your current situation

We’ll identify the limiting blocks that are holding you back, your real desires and goals, and the skills and strengths that we can use to propel you forward

2. Figure out what your new path should look like

This might involve a bold corporate change, starting a side hustle to build a portfolio career, or becoming your own boss. Exciting!

3. Plan the steps to get there

That way, you’ll finally get to feel energised, focused, and inspired again without taking pay cuts or wasting years retraining

And trust me: this won’t be an off-the-shelf template created with a cookie-cutter approach. It’s a personalised blueprint based on your own situation, background, passions, skills, and goals.

I’ll also share an overview of my Queen of My Hustle programmes so that you can see all the types of support that are available for you.

Once you get this 90-day plan, you have two options:

If you think you have the commitment and dedication to follow through without any additional help, you can choose to implement it on your own. In that case, you’re free to use this plan at zero cost (and with my enthusiastic wishes for your success!)

If you’d rather have some guidance to put it into action successfully and without trial and error, we can discuss whether you’d be a good fit for one of my Queen of My Hustle programmes. I’ll only recommend whichever would be most beneficial based on your specific situation

This decision is entirely up to you. While I’ll illustrate those options, my call isn’t a trick to hard-sell you anything!

You have no obligation other than to show up, stay focused, and be open and honest so that we can create a plan you actually get to use.

Check if you qualify for a free Queen of My Hustle session

You’re probably wondering why I offer this transformational plan for free. It’s simple:

  • My own life and path have been shaped by excellent mentors and coaches, so I now wish to “pay it forward” by doing something I LOVE. I also believe that doing what aligns with our purpose is a huge source of energy. So, this is time I choose to invest in helping other female leathers because it aligns with mine
  • Keeping on learning about the challenges and desires of other mid-career women helps me bring even more value to my existing clients and community
  • I find it to be a much more fulfilling way of meeting potential clients than tricky marketing or hard-selling strategies. If you see the benefit of working with an experienced coach to implement this plan faster and confidently, I get a new client. If you’re happy to give it a go on your own, I’ve still done something that energises me and that can benefit my research. It’s a win-win!

However, I also need to be realistic: I can only offer a limited number of these appointments every month.

So, I want to be sure that you’re actually going to benefit from this 1:1 Queen of My Hustle session. Do the following apply to you?

  • You’re a +35 woman who’s worked in corporate for at least 7 years
  • You’re driven and ambitious. You want to fulfil your potential in life rather than just settle for a career that doesn’t inspire or energise you
  • You’re committed and decisive. You’re beyond ready to say ‘enough’ to your current situation and will actually do the work it takes to get out of it
  • You’re resourceful and take a creative approach to problem-solving instead of giving up when things don’t seem to work
  • You’re open to being coached and trying new strategies, even if they feel uncomfortable at first

If this feels incredibly familiar, congratulations: it sounds like you qualify for my free Queen of My Hustle session and a custom 90-day plan!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Choose the time slot that works best for you
  2. You’ll be taken to a form with a few questions. Please, take a few minutes to fill it in thoughtfully and honestly. This will allow me to understand if I can actually help you and, if so, to prepare for our call so that you really get the most out of it
  3. Once you receive an email confirmation, add this session to your calendar, and PLEASE respect my limited time by showing up. If you need to rearrange or cancel the appointment, you can do so by following the instructions in that email

I look forward to meeting you and helping you go from an unfulfilling position to becoming an energised and inspired Queen of My Hustle!