2/3 of all job absenteeism is caused by stress: the pandemic has made burnout even more widespread

UYB equips you with simple self-regulation techniques that increase mental clarity and emotional resilience in the face of challenge. In addition, we work with organisations to address the root-causes of the problem.


70% of all mistakes are caused by miscommunication, leading to arguments, fallouts, breakups, financial losses and even deaths

You’ll learn simple steps to communicate more effectively and be in charge of your emotional reactions in daily conversations and tense situations.


The World Economic Forum says that ‘creativity’ is the third most important skill required in today's world, yet only 1 in 3 in today’s workforce consider themselves creative!

UYB helps you gain open, immediate access to your power to innovate in order to guide all your creative projects.


To succeed, Confidence matters as much as Competence

UYB’s strategies address the big confidence gap between genders, by working primarily with women. In the workplace, we help leaders (aspiring & established) step into their full power and take leadership of their own path first of all.


“I wish I had lived a life true to MYSELF...” is the Top 1 regret on one's deathbed

By learning the tools to cultivate and manage energy in all aspects of your life, you’ll feel truly empowered to live the life you choose and find happiness.


RESILIENCE: Self-regulate

Life is becoming increasingly challenging, overwhelming and chaotic. That’s true of our everyday life as well as the world around us. Many of us simply don’t have the coping mechanisms to come out the other side without our mental and physical health somewhat impacted. Let alone having any energy left to take intentional action. Instead, we go through life feeling unbalanced. The good news is that we can indeed transform stress, be in charge of how we respond moment-to-moment and re- programme our unproductive mental and emotional patterns by learning how to keep an attitude of curiosity for what is happening whilst shifting into a state of Balance through simple but powerful “in-the-moment” techniques. This is called self-regulation. As we learn to regulate our mental and emotional energy expenditures and responses, we build and increase our Resilience and quickly improve our health and wellbeing, charging our ‘inner battery’ on-the-go.

Relationships: Empathise

The world we experience every day through media and even more so through social media is often one of hatred, anger, discordance and intolerance. Day-to-day, we often re-live similar situations on a smaller scale in the workplace, at home and other social circles. We all intuitively know that our interactions with others as well as our own inner dialogue can massively boost or drain our energy. Relationships require buckets of mental and emotional fitness & resilience! Positive energy, especially in the form of empathy, is the key ingredient to shift yourself, two people, a team or an entire organisation into a ’synced’ mode. Increasing Positive Emotions, by also transforming depleting emotions and other tensions between individuals, leads to an efficient, positive flow of energy necessary to be and work in harmony with others and for effective communication. The deeper the emotional connection with yourself, partners, friends or teams, the more manageable challenges appear: life gets easier and we can better achieve our goals.

Creativity: Innovate

“Creativity is the mother of all energies. It charges up every part of you. When you’re plugged in, a spontaneous combustion occurs that ‘artists’ don’t have a monopoly on.” Judith Orlo.

Our power to create arises naturally when we are most at ease yet present and alert, which in today’s world is hardly ever, as we are constantly distracted by daily preoccupations and thoughts, and an always-on lifestyle, ruled by technology (often misused) and social media. Hence why creative blocks are so common. It is Balance that creates a space that allows access to our intuition, to listen to our inner guidance: inspiration ‘strikes’ when we are tuned in… accessing intuition takes managing mental and emotional energy and learning to pay attention to our heart’s signals. In order to generate ideas, we must put aside all judgement towards ourselves and others and take an attitude of YES, AND during the idea generation process. From this place of balance & openness and striving to maintain uplifting emotions, thoughts and attitudes we can access the ‘state of flow’. There’s a rich toolbox to draw from to fully unleash creativity.

Leadership: Laser-focused Action

Between the age of 8 and 14 girl’s confidence levels fall by 30%.

Often, they don’t go back to normal level. Women keep their head down for years and play by the “rules”, in the hope that with enough hard work, their talents will be recognised and rewarded. And whilst there has been some progress, men have continued to get promoted faster and be paid more. Certainly, there are a number of cultural and institutional barriers, which normally get listed as explanation. But those miss something equally insedious: women’s acute lack of confidence and self-esteem. A dark force holding them back. A key emotion behind this is FEAR, a depleting emotion that sometimes protects us but mostly keeps us stuck, whether it’s fear of the unknown or fear of losing our security and safety net by taking certain actions and paths. We can, however, through mental and emotional regulation, transform fear and steadily shift ourselves into a field of positive mental patters and renewing emotions conducive to taking action and stride through life with confidence.

For Organisations:

“A leader with business heart is not soft, but knows that a strong heart and clear head are both essential”(Howard Martin).

Some years ago now, Gallup reported that “the world’s greatest organisations don’t build sustainable growth with accounting schemes. Instead, they harness the unwieldy power of human emotions”. Hence also in business leadership, like in any sphere of life, positive mental states and emotions are key to success.

Purpose: Navigate

“Success in life doesn’t depend only on natural abilities, but also on your determination to grasp the opportunities that come your way. “These come by creation, not by chance…You alone are responsible for yourself” (P. Yogananda)

Your thoughts and emotions, the ones you habitually entertain, will inevitably bring you either to repeatedly fail or eventually be successful. Our ability to realise our potential, whether success at work and more broadly in life, depends on the beliefs we hold about ourselves and, as a consequence, on how well we manage our energy in our interactions with ourselves, others and life in general. When we are operating from a place of negative energy, we are unable to see the most optimal choices to become successful, and tend to repeatedly fall for inferior ones. Many us at some point in life go on a quest to find our purpose, but that can be a daunting endeavour as we often don’t know where to start. A very useful tool from the Mental Fitness array is to fast-forward to the end of your life and interrogate your older and wiser self in order to make the right choices today. Then consciously cultivate positive (renewing) thoughts and emotions, having full confidence in your vision and your power to realise it. Our full potential will then unlock.

Add energy to everything you do

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