1. RESILIENCE: Self-regulate

From our day-to-day reality to the world around us, let’s face it: life is becoming increasingly more challenging, chaotic, and overwhelming.

Most people just haven’t got the right tools and coping mechanisms to face it without their mental and physical health being impacted.

So, they end up going through life unintentionally, feeling stressed and unbalanced. It’s like they’re always switched on but the battery’s drained (sounds familiar?).

I promise: it is possible to become in charge of how one responds to the challenges of everyday life, both mentally and emotionally.

I help busy professionals transform this stress into energy so they can take purposeful action. Self-regulation also leads to increased resilience – and to never having to worry about our ‘inner battery’ running out.


Hatred, anger, intolerance. The world we experience through media – and, even more so, social media – negatively affects the way we approach smaller-scale conflicts and challenges in our daily life.

From workplace arguments to disagreements at home or within our social circles, we know they could really be solved with empathy and communication, but we just don’t know where to start.

After all, relationships require buckets of both mental and emotional energy. They can either boost it or… drain it even further! That’s when we end up feeling out of sync, whether that’s with the rest of our team, close circle, or inner dialogue.

By turning tensions and negative emotions into a positive energy flow, I help my clients master effective communication and feel in harmony with others. With deeper emotional connections, it’s much easier to manage new challenges and achieve our goals.

3. CREATIVITY: Innovate

“Creativity is the mother of all energies. It charges up every part of you. When you’re plugged in, a spontaneous combustion occurs that ‘artists’ don’t have a monopoly on.”Judith Orlo

And the best part? You can learn to control it!

Our power to create arises naturally when we are most at ease yet present, which happens… hardly ever, in our busy day-to-day reality.

An always-on mindset, misused technology dictating every spare moment, daily preoccupations distracting us constantly… No wonder creative blocks are so common.

Instead, I help my clients find their balance and a space that allows them to access their intuition to unlock this creativity.

We’ll remove existing blocks, start from a place of openness, and learn to control emotions. Once someone can enter this state of flow consciously and regularly, their creativity will never run out.

4. LEADERSHIP: Laser-Focused Action

How can we lead our life, career, or business if we don’t feel confident? Removing our limiting blocks and learning to master our emotions is key, but fear usually gets in the way.

Fear of the unknown, fear of losing our security and safety net, fear of not being good enough and getting judged for it…

This is relevant for both the employees of people-first companies and individuals seeking to be in charge of their career and life, women in particular.

In fact, did you know that a girl’s confidence falls by a whopping 30% when they’re 8-14? In most cases, it never goes back to normal levels.

It’s time to change all this! I work on the causes behind these blocks and lack of self-esteem on an individual basis. I then teach my clients how to replace those harmful mental patterns and negative emotions with positive ones, which are key to success.

After mastering mental and emotional regulation, they’re able to take laser-focused action and lead with confidence.

5. PURPOSE: Navigate

Most people end up going through life on autopilot.

They follow someone else’s definition of success, manage a team through outdated leadership practices, find themselves living a life that doesn’t feel ‘theirs’, and… never do anything to change it.

It’s totally normal to feel that it would be too overwhelming or that we wouldn’t know where to start.

When we’re held hostages by limiting beliefs and operate from a place of negative energy, we just can’t see the right path for us (let alone figure out how to walk it!).

I help my clients identify and remove those blocks so that they can find their own definition of success and live purposefully. Most people only use 2% of their full potential: you know you’re meant for more.

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