You can’t afford not to invest in your employees

An unfulfilled and uninspired workforce is a ticking bomb for your business. When they don’t feel motivated and driven, their productivity and your company’s day-to-day operations take a negative hit.

Dissatisfaction and burnout also lead to more sick days and a higher turnover. On average, from recruitment to training expenses, it’d cost you between 6 and 9 months of someone’s salary to replace them!

94% of employees would stay much longer if a company simply prioritised their personal and professional development, though.

So, it makes way more sense to invest in your current workforce regularly. Hiring a corporate keynote speaker is an excellent cost-effective solution for your people-first company.

With a business motivational speaker, you’ll obtain:

  • More inspired and engaged teams
  • Increased self-development
  • Their gratitude and loyalty
  • A productivity boost
  • Lower turnover

Why hire Tia Castagno as your corporate keynote speaker

For these corporate talks, Tia brings together HeartMath® and Positive Intelligence® principles, adding her own twists and strategies as an ICF Professionally Certified Executive Coach. This allows her to equip her audiences with lifelong tools.

As a corporate motivational speaker using scientifically based strategies, she brings about effective, long-lasting results for your employees (no quick patches!) by:

  • Setting their hearts on fire
  • Training the brain like a muscle and aligning their minds
  • Bridging the connection between the two

so that they can start taking laser-focused action.

People leave her motivational keynotes feeling enlightened end energised, inspired to use their newly found potential to thrive in their workplace.

What you’ll get with Tia as your business keynote speaker

When you hire our founder as a guest speaker for your corporate events, you get to choose from a wide range of talks that are:

Fully customisable and tailored to your own needs and circumstances. We can also create new corporate talks specifically for you

Available as workshops or motivational keynotes in person or as virtual sessions

Perfect as a standalone keynote or as part of a bigger event, from talks within your workplace to lunch & learn and away-days

As a starting point, here are some of Tia’s most popular motivational keynotes.

Bio-Hack Yourself, Like an Athlete

Peak performance motivational keynote

The secret to productivity and peak performance is to manage one’s energy, not time!

Steal the bio-hacking tricks used by actual athletes to regulate their minds and bodies.

This motivational keynote will teach your employees to master self-regulation, deal with stress efficiently, and build resilience to achieve peak performance consistently.

Trust-Based Transformational Leadership

Motivational keynote on emotional intelligent leadership

From limiting beliefs to outdated assumptions on how to manage their teams successfully, your leaders are being sabotaged from the inside.

Help them achieve their full potential by mastering the 5 key principles of trust-based leadership.

This motivational keynote will teach them to harness their purpose and gain their team’s trust to lead meaningfully. It’ll also reframe your leaders’ approach to disagreements and challenges, promote accountability, and inspire them to bring about positive innovation.

Kicking Out the “Impostor”

Mental fitness motivational keynote

When our inner critic gets too loud (which tends to be the case for women in particular), we stay trapped in a loop of constant questioning. Together with fear of failure, this prevents us from making progress.

Instead, we can enable your employees to change this negative mindset for good!

This mental fitness keynote will shine a light on how they’re being sabotaged from the inside, give them the tools to quieten the voice of the inner critic, and help you create a work environment where nobody feels like an impostor.

Let’s Talk about “Presence”

Motivational corporate talk to develop and master presence

Contrary to popular belief, presence isn’t something we’re either born with or without. It’s a skill we can develop. It has also become a “catch-all” term, primarily used when giving women vague feedback.

Teach your employees to grow their confidence instead and bring out the very best version of themselves.

This corporate talk covers changing the way we see ourselves and others perceive us, turning this skill into a habit, and re-designing the boardroom as a space where everyone can speak up authentically.

Why We Should All Have a Side Hustle

Motivational keynote on side hustles for employees

You might think it’s counterintuitive to encourage your employees to try it out, but there are no bad sides to a side hustle!

Instead of jumping ship when they feel unfulfilled, more employees will stick around for longer, gaining some useful entrepreneurial skills, motivation, and an energy boost.

This corporate talk covers exactly how a side hustle benefits both your company and employees, how to create and launch a successful project, and how to manage it efficiently alongside a job.

Additional and customisable motivational keynotes

  • Trust-based and emotional-intelligent leadership
  • Mental and emotional fitness
  • Productivity and resilience
  • Habit building
  • Bio-hacking
  • Confidence

Just tell us more about what you’d like to cover and achieve when booking Tia as your corporate event speaker. We’ll either recommend the best option amongst our existing ones or suggest a new motivational keynote outline especially for you.

Some of the companies that invested in UnlockYourBlock and our leadership training programmes

Energise your workforce. Give them the tools to thrive

With Tia as your corporate keynote speaker, you can expect

A more motivated, inspired, and recharged workforce

A significant uplift in employee engagement, productivity, and performance

To retain top talent for much, much longer

Thought-leading companies invest in their employees’ personal and professional development regularly. Let’s empower your workforce to reach their full potential so that they can grow with your business!

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