Since my school years, I have always been able to rely on an incredible determination, passion and strong sense of duty. Although a career in Marketing & Advertising wasn’t quite where I had seen myself, once on that road, thanks to those qualities, I climbed all the way to the top, taking executive roles from managerial to creatively focused. All this often brought pressure, long hours and stress. Yoga and Meditation saved me as I ramped up my personal practice, when it all became too much post a close family loss.

With my practice came a sense of balance, space & perspective, and the need to share all I had learned with others. Soon after, I became a yoga and meditation teacher, teaching in my spare time at some of my favourite yoga studios in London and also bringing those learnings to my own corporate reality. In yoga and mental wellbeing, I found not only the answer to stress management but also the source of creative expression, effective communication, confidence & empowerment, heart-based leadership, overall success in work and life and a renewed sense of activism. Driven by what’s a key passion point for me, I deepened my studies in Children & Teens mental health, confidence and empowerment to help them thrive in school/education, at home, in their social circles and give them a better chance at life altogether.

In 2016 I founded UnlockYourBlock, a personal and professional growth company, aiming to support people on their journey of transformation via a carefully combined blend of resilience & motivation tools. The Resilience training I provide to individuals and organisations is now mainly based on my HeartMath® Trainer & Coach certifications, which had a life changing impact on me!

I focus a lot of my work on teen girls and women, with the aim to help close the huge gap still existing when it comes to Balance, confidence and sense of empowerment. As we make ourselves more resilient, confident and balanced, we bring our best selves to the world we live in and help make it a better place. We build the foundations to manifest our Vision and purpose.

About the HeartMath® System

Since 1991, HeartMath® researches and develops reliable, scientifically based tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind and deepen people’s connection with others. This empowers people to greatly reduce stress, increase resilience and unlock their natural guidance for making better choices. HM’s simple, user-friendly mental and emotional self-regulation tools and techniques provide benefits in the moment and over sustained periods. HM’s research forms the foundation for training and education programs worldwide among diverse cultures. HM has worked with major corporations, government and social-service agencies, all branches of the military, schools and universities, hospitals and a wide range of health-care professionals and law enforcement agencies.