I’m Tia Castagno. Here’s how I went from burnout to energy, going from a lack of control to becoming the Queen of My Hustle

As a high achiever, I did everything by society’s book: graduated with top grades, got a Master’s degree, landed a corporate job (media & advertising), and started climbing the ladder.

By the time I reached my early thirties, though, I had turned into a full-blown workaholic.

My Blackberry (remember those?) was an extension of my arm, and I was always available – late evenings, weekends, lunches… and what even is an out-of-office mode during holidays?!

Sadly, not even my father’s tragic suicide was a wake-up call. In fact, I didn’t tell work! I threw myself even more into it to cope with my loss. This unavoidably led to a deep state of paralysing anxiety within six months.

That was it. Something had to change. But what? And most importantly: in what direction?

I hadn’t got the helping hand that UnlockYourBlock now is to others. So, I spent years trying to figure it all out with some trial and error.

Yoga and meditation helped me massively, though, so I decided to become qualified and started teaching in my free time. To feed my academic heart, I also began delivering keynotes as a side hustle.

Instead of being constantly drained, that’s when I started feeling this new energy and taking it to work. No wonder my career progressed more than when I was pulling those unsustainable 16-hour days!

I then became an executive and landed C-suite roles at some top global communications networks.

Things were definitely getting better… and yet it still didn’t feel like my career. I could sense an underlying feeling of unfulfillment whenever I stopped to think about my job.

Plus, even though I had made some progress as a recovering workaholic, I was still missing too many precious moments when I became a parent.

That called for much deeper self-development work with other teachers and coaches to tackle my emotions and limiting beliefs.

Once I removed the blocks that were holding me back, the real shift happened. I stopped looking for outside transformations (you know, changing bosses, jobs, or even countries) and focused on my inner energy.

This led to some groundbreaking but conflicting discoveries:

corporate life wasn’t for me (although I still didn’t know what I wanted to do)

the thought of giving up my safe salary and seniority terrified me

I felt reckless and ungrateful for thinking of ‘wasting’ all my corporate experience

Then came the longed-for epiphany that allowed everything to make sense: shaping the corporate world into a better place and helping other mid-career women find their purpose after… unlocking their blocks (sounds familiar, right?).

I could carve my own path and become in charge of my career and life (in fact, I started to be known as the Queen of My Hustle)

I could begin this project as a side hustle and build a portfolio career

I could use my background and decades of corporate experience to help others go through similar life and career transitions

Why work with me through UnlockYourBlock

I use scientifically-based tools to bridge the connection between heart and mind:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing resilience
  • Unlocking your natural guidance to make better choices
  • Allowing you to access your creativity and get into flow state more often
  • Increasing the amount of time you spend in optimum performance

I enable you to develop long-lasting mental fitness by working on key brain areas or ‘muscles’:

  • Weakening the saboteurs by training the relevant interceptor to catch and reduce negative thoughts
  • Strengthening the sage powers to produce positive emotions and attitudes
  • Improving your self-command to face new challenges confidently

I’m an ICF Professional Certified Coach with +20 years of both corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

So you’ll get to:

  • Benefit from my unique professional background
  • Know that you are trusting a consultant approved by the #1 coaching institute and who’s in the top 5% of executive coaches worldwide

Together, we can make an impactful change to your career or business.