Productivity going down?

Willpower alone cannot keep your employees motivated forever. To stay productive and driven, they need to feel that your workplace is meeting their core psychological needs:

  • AUTONOMY: having the confidence to make informed decisions on their own, taking responsibility and feeling empowered by a sense of choice
  • COMPETENCE: everyone strives to master a specific field or area! While too many companies are plagued by a skills gap, your employees are craving an optimal level of challenge: achievable goals, the skills to aim for them, and being able to see tangible results
  • RELATEDNESS: feeling connected to the rest of their team and knowing they can count on them

On top of that, don’t forget that your workforce is being sabotaged from the inside (literally!).

If your employees are not trained on mental fitness, they just haven’t got the tools to self-regulate and manage their emotional responses effectively on an ongoing basis.

When people don’t feel inspired, invested in, and encouraged to grow their competence:

  • Their mental well-being is negatively impacted
  • They lose motivation and fulfilment
  • They start quiet quitting

This has nasty repercussions on your business:

  • Productivity decreases
  • Team performance goes down
  • Your company’s turnover rate goes up. In fact, 2 in 5 employees are planning on leaving their job within the next 6-12 months!

And keep in mind that it’d cost you between 6 and 9 months of someone’s salary  to replace each leaver – let alone all the disruption it’d cause and the pressure it’d put on the rest of your staff!

Luckily, 94% of employees would stay much longer if a company simply invested in their learning and self-improvement.

So, if you’re struggling to attract and retain top talent, you’d better act now.

At UnlockYourBlock, our upskill training and development is designed to meet all those core needs and exercise the brain like a muscle!

It’s time to level up your teams!

Investing in the personal and professional development of your workforce has a huge ROI for people-first companies like yours:

  • You’ll allow each employee to feel that their “competence” and other core needs are finally being met
  • With the right team development training, you’ll help an entire department or function be on the same page and fully embrace your business direction
  • From leadership to self-regulation and goal-setting (and more!), you’ll be providing your employees with valuable skills that’ll also benefit your business on a day-to-day basis
  • You’ll actively reduce the skills gap within your company
  • By developing their mental fitness, your workforce will have the tools to deal with new challenges effectively
  • Motivated employees are proven to be more productive
  • When they feel empowered, fulfilled, and cared for, they’ll stay loyal to your company for longer

Basically, investing in some upskill training and development will translate into a happier, more motivated, and productive workforce. 

As a result, this will future-proof your company for GROWTH.

Uplevelled Teams - Team development training programmes for people-first companies

All of our upskill training and development programmes are

Fully customisable

Tailored to your own needs and circumstances

Available virtually, in-person, or as a hybrid option

Side Hustle Launchpad™

10-week team development programme to help your employees launch a side hustle alongside their day job

We know what you’re thinking: “It’s counterproductive to teach that to my employees. They’d leave!

Actually, the opposite is true: allowing them to try their own thing will boost loyalty and get more of them to stay.

You see, pretty much everyone has a dream or idea that they’d like to turn into an actual project.

However, risking one’s salary and career is nothing short of terrifying. No wonder entrepreneurship is in steady decline!

So, statistically, most people will end up taking these dreams to the grave instead. Unfortunately, this leads to unfulfilment, and the only short-term solution they can see is… jumping ships.

A side hustle, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for both parties. Your employees will get to give their idea a go while keeping their day job, and your company will reap plenty of benefits. 

Just to name a few, you can expect increased loyalty from sheer gratitude, more focused work to show their appreciation, and attraction and retention of top talent. As Tia always says, there are no bad sides to a side hustle!

This program will focus on:

  • Allowing each employee to get clarity on their idea and build a business plan
  • Validating it with a first sale or case study
  • Launching their side hustle while learning how to manage it effectively alongside their day job

Star Managers

3-5 sessions of managers workshops to accelerate their development

At some point in their career, some of your employees go from being individual contributors to managing the daily tasks and workload of others on top of their own.

In many cases, however, they’re never given proper training to master the additional skills required to orchestrate all of this successfully.

Instead, help them create an efficient system to manage their team’s tasks, output, and talent with confidence and organisation! Allow them to develop the right soft skills for this progression and achieve a strong growth mindset. 

That way, your managers will enable the employees in their team to reach their full potential, too.

Our team development workshop will upskill them by:

  • Developing their self-awareness and self-leadership
  • Fine-tuning their listening skills and mastering active listening
  • Leading transformative conversations and being co-active
  • Learning to delegate effectively
  • Managing the overall productivity of their team
  • Dealing with conflict successfully
  • Helping others clarify their skills and interests, and inspiring them to use them to (re)set their own vision, values, and goals

From Manager to Leader

3-5 upskill training sessions to turn your current managers into confident leaders

Many people can be managers, but not every manager is a leader!

A true leader encourages – and supports – their employees to achieve their full potential, relies on trust, and actually leads by example. Some managers… well, they just worry about ticking boxes or (micro)managing their team.

Most companies assume that the manager-to-leader shift will happen automatically as soon as they bestow a fancy title upon them. That’s not the case!

This transformation requires skills that can’t be pulled out of thin air: they need to be learnt and developed.

This manager workshop covers:

  • Increasing their self-awareness and self-leadership
  • Learning to earn long-lasting trust from the rest of their team
  • Creating a safe space for healthy conflict
  • Fostering curiosity and innovation
  • Galvanising high-performance, accountable teams

The Inner Game of Sales

3-5 team development workshop sessions to boost your team’s selling skills

Your employees’ inner state is the most important determining factor when it comes to success and performance in sales… and yet it’s also the most overlooked!

Once they master it and pair it up with the ability to genuinely focus on your prospects, they’ll be truly unstoppable (and you can watch those KPIs grow).

This workshop will allow your sales team to develop the right mental fitness to spot their own sabotaging tendencies and upgrade their selling skills.

Not only that: they’ll also be able to identify your prospects’ saboteurs and circumvent them or tackle them successfully during their pitches.

This sales-focused team development workshop covers:

  • Achieving your sales team’s mental fitness to create the right inner state to sell
  • Learning consultative selling and customer-centred dialogue that actually brings value to a prospect instead of focusing on features
  • Mastering sales negotiation and persuasive pitches with practical exercises

Mid-Management Flow

3-5 workshops for managers in ‘uncomfortable’ middle positions

Your mid-managers must deal with pressure from above, below, and… all sides!

From reporting to their superiors to providing constant support to their team and being the first port of call for (angry) clients, they’re literally stuck in the middle.

This also involves dealing with lots of draining conversations on a daily basis.

Help them unblock their uncomfortable situation before they choose to jump ship!

We promise: mid-management can actually be an enjoyable phase, no matter how long it lasts.

This highly specific team development training focuses on:

  • Communicating clearly at all levels
  • Setting boundaries in and outside of work
  • Mastering goal-setting, productivity, and effective delegation
  • Putting the right recharging strategies in place (and sticking to them!)

Inside Entrepreneur

3-5 team development training sessions to give your employees the kind of entrepreneurial mindset that’ll boost your company’s growth

Nowadays, most job descriptions demand an “entrepreneurial mindset”. Perhaps that’s included in your own, too.

But how can you realistically expect that from someone who has only ever been an employee?

Here’s the thing: you can’t. And that’s why, in most companies, the “entrepreneurial mindset” starts as a buzzword and… stays one, too.

Don’t let this be the case for yours!

A team of employees with an actual entrepreneurial mindset will bring a unique perspective to the workplace, harness their enhanced creativity, and face new challenges confidently.

This mindset also translates into increased resilience and a real understanding of the value of relationships. Plus, your entrepreneurial employees will work smart and purposefully rather than just “hard” (or, worse, doing the bare minimum and quiet quitting).

This team development workshop tackles:

  • Building mental fitness and developing your employees’ inner game
  • Mastering the right mindset shifts to embrace an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Understanding the core competencies of an entrepreneur and how to use them as an employee

Present to Persuade

2 upskill training and development workshops to build confident communicators

75% of people are afraid of public speaking. It’s literally the most common phobia, and it even trumps death in quite a few surveys!

And that’s a real shame. Whether that’s an internal meeting, a pitch, or a stage, being able to speak and present clearly in front of others is an incredibly beneficial asset – both for one’s self-development and the company they work for.

Luckily, it’s a skill that can be acquired, perfected, and mastered.

Don’t get us wrong: public speaking can indeed be intimidating at first, but that irrational fear can definitely be conquered with the right tools.

Tackling both their inner and outer game, this interactive upskill training and development workshop will teach your employees to:

  • Understand the mental game of presenting with confidence
  • Minimise performance anxiety and fear of failure
  • Master the principles of persuasion and the key element of audience focus
  • How to select a speaking style that aligns with their personality
  • How to build a strong narrative and bring a story to life passionately – whether that’s in-person or remotely – using visual aids effectively (not as a distraction!)

The Confidence Code: Nature or Nurture?

Confidence team development training with a focus on women

You’ve heard of the gender pay gap, but did you know that it’s often the confidence gap that causes it?

To succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. And yet, on average, women are less self-assured than men, even when there’s no difference in performance and ability. As a result, they’re less likely to self-advocate or aim for promotions.

Self-doubt is a huge barrier to achieving their career goals, and this robs people-first companies like yours of revolutionary female leaders. Let’s bridge this confidence gap! 

We’ll help your employees rewire their thought and behavioural patterns whilst addressing the systematic unconscious biases that reinforce them.

Available as a team development training workshop for women or a keynote for all genders, this session covers:

  • The role of genetics and the environment: why women’s confidence can be different from men’s, and what we can change
  • Changing our brain by creating alternative thought patterns that increase confidence and self-esteem
  • How the focus on action triggers the “confidence loop”
  • Interactive exercises to help women grow their confidence (when delivered as a workshop)

Some of the companies that invested in UnlockYourBlock and our upskill training and and development

Upskill your teams. Level up your company

After our team development training, you’ll finally get to rely on

Motivated employees who have achieved their potential and gained the right skills to reach peak performance

Close-knit teams actually working together effectively

An increase in productivity and a lower turnover rate, allowing your company to grow sustainably

Why continue to underutilise your teams or risk losing top talent? Unlock their full potential and retain them for much longer with the right team development training for your company.

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