As a personal and professional growth company, we help teens, adults, organisations and institutions reduce stress and anxiety, build confidence and leadership skills, improve relationships, increase mental clarity and boost creativity.
UnlockYourBlock is a transformational programme aimed at building sustainable change at individual and society level, so that we can all be our best and thrive.

We support in a number of ways, to meet any circumstances at individual and company level. We run in-person and live online training workshops, online coaching programmes, as well as a number of online courses, which can be progressed at someone’s leisure.

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Internal Energy Economy

Our success depends more on how well we can manage our emotional energy than on our intellectual capabilities.
When our hearts and minds are working in alignment, we operate from a place of Balance and this enables us to unlock our full Power and Vision. This alignment is scientifically recognised and explained, and it is referred to as a state of COHERENCE.

Build Your E-Quity = Energetic Equity

UnlockYourBlock provides practical and sustainable ways to cultivate and manage our energy, transforming depleting emotions and thoughts that block us. This is called self-regulation. All our tools and principles promote heart-based living.


50% of adulthood mental health issues start in teen years; 2/3 of all job absenteeism is caused by stress

UYB equips individuals with simple self-regulation techniques that increase resilience and mental clarity in the face of challenge. In addition, we work with parents and organisations to address the root-causes of the problem.


70% of all mistakes are caused by miscommunication, leading to arguments, fallouts, breakups, financial losses and even deaths

You’ll learn simple steps to communicate more effectively and be in charge of your emotional reactions in daily conversations and tense situations.


The World Economic Forum says that ‘creativity’ is the third most important skill required in today's world, yet only 1 in 3 in today’s workforce consider themselves creative!

UYB helps you gain open, immediate access to intuition to guide all our creative projects.


To succeed, Confidence matters as much as Competence

UYB’s strategies address the big confidence gap existing between genders, by working primarily with teen girls and women. In the workplace, we help leaders (aspiring & established) step into their full power and lead with HEART.


“I wish I had lived a life true to MYSELF...” is the Top 1 regret on one's deathbed

By learning the tools to cultivate and manage energy in all aspects of your life, you’ll feel truly empowered to live the life you choose.


Take your E-QUITY Test

We spend a lot of time worrying about our ‘net worth’ (equity), carefully managing our monthly paychecks and making long-term saving and pension plans. We also pay increasing attention to our physical shape and health, regularly exercising and keeping track of our progress. However, often we pay no or little attention to our inner Balance: only if our energetic account is healthy and we feel Balanced, can we unfold our Vision and purpose in life, and positively impact the world around us. Take stock and start building your ‘energetic equity’ today!


Why UnlockYourBlock & how do we help?

The founder has brought together her 16+ years Corporate career experience, reaching the peaks of Leadership & Innovation at the top global communication networks; 14 years of yoga & meditation as a student as well as teacher; and the very treasured learnings of the HeartMath® Institute. Since 1991, HeartMath® researches and develops reliable, scientifically based tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind and deepen people’s connection with others. HMI’s simple, user-friendly mental and emotional self-regulation tools and techniques provide benefits in the moment and over sustained periods.

Tia is a HeartMath® Qualified Trainer and Coach and her workshops, coaching programmes, online courses and keynotes fully incorporate all the learnings and teachings received from the Institute. She delivers HeartMath live online training workshops and coaching sessions, as well as office based training.

The HeartMath® technology Tia demos in her sessions and strongly advocates for personal use in any journey of self-regulation and transformation is a bio-feedback technology, which offers the most tangible demonstration (see Natnalin’s testimonial below) of the power of control we can have on physiology, mind, emotions and life direction overall. It also helps teams and groups of any type work better together.