At UnlockYourBlock we are obsessed with personal and professional growth. And we believe you can’t have one without the other. When you work with us, whether via one of our private programmes or courses or as an organisation, our job won’t be done until you are able to reach and sustain clarity, mental fitness, emotional balance and confidence on the inside so that you can show up in the world able to take laser-focused, consistent action to progress your career and life in the right direction, build and nurture rewarding relationships and manifest your creativity and genius in all your projects.

UnlockYourBlock runs transformational talks, workshops, programmes, self-study courses, and retreats aimed at building sustainable change on the inside via building mental fitness and emotional self-regulation, whilst teaching and guiding you through the outer strategies you need to make big and bold career and life transitions.

Your E-Quity = Energetic Equity

We all accept that physical fitness is a pre-requisite for physical health and for facing physically demanding challenges. Equally, mental and emotional fitness are key to face life’s everyday challenges without stress and negative emotions. Our success in fact depends more on how well we can manage our mental and emotional energy than on our intellectual capabilities. When we build our mental and emotional fitness, our hearts and minds are working in alignment, and this place of Balance is the foundation needed to manifest any of our important projects. This alignment is scientifically recognised and referred to as a state of COHERENCE.

UnlockYourBlock provides practical and sustainable ways and tools to cultivate and manage our energy, transforming depleting emotions and thoughts that block us. This is called self-regulation. Like with most things in life, self-regulation is built with practice, by exercising the mental muscles that put us in a positive state. All it takes is a few minutes a day.


Whilst Inner Balance can be a goal in itself, that’s not where we stop. In fact, once we feel balanced and grounded the real fun begins! We can stop living on auto-pilot, pushing ourselves through jobs and careers that no longer motivate us and instead take control of how we spend our time and energy: doing something we truly love and find meaningful, surrounding ourselves with people that energise and support us, and feeling challenged yet confident we can do it.

All our programmes and courses will help you build the systems that empower you to take action everyday: whether towards a bold career change, launching and running a successful side hustle, or simply being more productive and balanced in your work and life. Tia, the founder, and UnlockYourBlock are not only about energy, but, as importantly, about the craft of directing that energy towards a purpose-full life.


I help disillusioned female leaders in corporate make Bold Career Changes, including creating and launching a successful side hustle in 10 weeks so that they can leave corporate and be their own bosses- if they so wish. Whatever Bold Career Change you are after, I believe that for it to be successful it should be done without lengthy re-trainings and crazy pay-cuts. That’s how I did it, transitioning from being an Exec, and that’s what I teach today.


I’m an energy & productivity coach, extensively experienced in Mental Fitness and Emotional Self-Regulation. I help people be at the top of their inner game, so that their outer game can unfold and they can get what they want in life.


Queen Of My Hustle

Starting a side hustle was one of the best decisions of my life, whilst in my corporate job. So, I decided I should pass it on and help all demotivated and/or disillusioned female leaders create and launch a successful side hustle in 8 weeks, a passion project that can make you grow and learn new skills, add spark in your life, re-energise you in your current job, and that can turn into your ticket out of corporate so that you can be your own boss if/when you are ready. We’ll help you get clarity on the idea and take laser-focused action.



This course brings your chances of finding a career you LOVE from 4% (official stats) to 95%+, by combining targeted self-discovery work with practical week-by-week steps to get you to your dream job in the shortest possible time. In the course of the 8 weeks, you will get clarity on a new MEANINGFUL career path right for you and the skills you want to utilise and figure out the exact steps to get there, without having to start from scratch, take pay-cuts or having to go through lengthy retraining.


Double Your Energy, Halve The Stress

Learn to recognise and transform blocks, such as the voice of your inner critic, other self-fuelled saboteurs and unhealthy habits in-the-moment, taking daily steps to build the muscles in your brain that give you more control on your thoughts, emotional states and behaviours. In 6 weeks you will learn how to change the negative thought patterns that keep you stuck so that you can take the actions you need to take to progress in your career and life, without fear. You will notice the difference within a couple of weeks already.


2/3 of all job absenteeism is caused by stress: the pandemic has made burnout even more widespread

UYB equips you with simple self-regulation techniques that increase mental clarity and emotional resilience in the face of challenge. In addition, we work with organisations to address the root-causes of the problem.


70% of all mistakes are caused by miscommunication, leading to arguments, fallouts, breakups, financial losses and even deaths

You’ll learn simple steps to communicate more effectively and be in charge of your emotional reactions in daily conversations and tense situations.


The World Economic Forum says that ‘creativity’ is the third most important skill required in today's world, yet only 1 in 3 in today’s workforce consider themselves creative!

UYB helps you gain open, immediate access to your power to innovate in order to guide all your creative projects.


To succeed, Confidence matters as much as Competence

UYB’s strategies address the big confidence gap between genders, by working primarily with women. In the workplace, we help leaders (aspiring & established) step into their full power and take leadership of their own path first of all.


“I wish I had lived a life true to MYSELF...” is the Top 1 regret on one's deathbed

By learning the tools to cultivate and manage energy in all aspects of your life, you’ll feel truly empowered to live the life you choose and find happiness.


Take your E-QUITY Test

*E-QUITY = Energetic Equity

We spend a lot of time worrying about our ‘net worth’ (equity), carefully managing our monthly paychecks and making long-term saving and pension plans. We also pay increasing attention to our physical shape and health, regularly exercising and keeping track of our progress. However, often we pay no or little attention to our mental and emotional Balance: only if our energetic account is healthy on all levels can we feel Balanced and unfold our Vision and purpose in life, perform at our best and feel truly happy. Take stock and start building your ‘energetic equity’ today!


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