I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myselfis the most common regret on one’s deathbed

You’re not alone in feeling emotionally detached and disengaged from your current job: 79% of employees do.

Not many do something about it, though. When they try, they just look for temporary patches, like changing bosses and jumping from one company to the next.

Sadly, this doesn’t work long-term (trust me, I’ve been there!) because it doesn’t solve the underlying problem: it’s your actual career that doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you’ve stumbled into it by chance as I did, or perhaps you were sure about it when you chose it many years ago but it no longer feels ‘yours’.

So, you keep waking up feeling unfulfilled and uninspired, worried that you’re wasting your life – a life that you mostly spend chained to a stagnant job that drains you.

And yet…

I know: you keep finding reasons not to change your career

Even though you’re always thinking “I need a new career path”, there’s a voice in your head that keeps trying to stop you (and is succeeding, so far):

  • “Most people hate their job. That’s just the way it is, and I should simply accept it”
  • “I know I need a career change, but that’d mean taking a HUGE pay cut and losing my seniority”
  • “I’d also have to waste years retraining or even go back to uni”
  • “I ought to have done this when I was in my twenties. Thinking I need a new career at 40/50?! I’m too old!”
  • “I’m so ungrateful! I should just stick to the career for which I’ve worked so hard”
  • “If I change careers, I’ll waste everything I’ve built so far”

These are extremely common concerns, but I’ll be honest: they aren’t real ‘reasons’.

They’re just excuses and misconceptions – limiting blocks, as I like to call them – given to you by society and a broken corporate system created by men.

Why you can make a bold career change(yes, you. And yes, even now)

Most people experience those blocks, but even more so corporate women like you.

We’re often made to feel that we’re not good enough, not as competent as our male counterparts (who usually get paid more), and that we can’t actually call the shots.

We should just be grateful for what we have instead of feeling ‘greedy’.

But I’m telling you this as someone who also used to be stuck in a job that didn’t fulfil her, in my thirties: you deserve to be in charge of your own career and life – becoming the Queen of My Hustle, as I always say – and it’s not too late to find a new direction.

  • I did it. If you’re new here, my name is Tia, and I’m a Positive Intelligence® and HeartMath® trainer and an ICF Professional Certified Coach. I went from wasting 16-hour days on a career that didn’t feel mine to becoming the Queen of My Hustle after finding my own path and launching UnlockYourBlock
  • My clients were mid-career or had already reached senior positions when they did it. Most of them took my career change course in their late thirties, forties, and fifties, too!

And no, you won’t need to give up your seniority and pay. Unless you suddenly decide to become a doctor or lawyer, you won’t have to retrain or go to uni either. I’ll teach you how to identify and select your favourite existing transferable skills to get there.

But, first, you need to understand what this ‘there’ looks like for you, right? I know how disorienting and demotivating it is when you just can’t figure it out. After all, at the moment, it’s hard to see beyond your current job title, especially when you’re so overworked and drained.

Finding a career that truly fulfils you isn’t as easy as doing a Google search or leaving it to a random recruiter. In fact, relying on those methods has a 96% failure rate!

What you need is clarity, confidence, direction, and a process. And that’s exactly what my career change course will give you.

“How do I figure out the right career for me without retraining or losing my pay?!”

My online career change course relies on 4 key strategies to help you do exactly that.
Discover them through this free short training.

Steer your career - The only career change course to find clarity, purpose, and a new direction in 8 weeks

No point in jumping ships only to find yourself in the exact same situation after a few months!

That’s why my mid-career switch course builds the foundation by allowing you to identify exactly what this new direction should look like for you:

  • a different role or industry?
  • starting a side hustle to create a portfolio career?
  • using it to quit the corporate world and become your own boss?

One of the many differences between Steer Your Career and other options is that I’ll guide you through some pivotal inner work before looking at your outer game and practical strategies.

So, get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery to find your real purpose and create a life and career that finally allow you to embrace it.

Spoiler alert: this is all based on your own passions and skills, so it might not be what your peers or family have been recommending so far.

What’s included in this 8-week career change course?

Steer Your Career is a one-off investment that’ll allow you to achieve a long-term transformation.


  • Guided self-learning course with weekly modules and tasks
  • You can access it wherever and whenever you wish, no matter what your busy schedule looks like


  • Stuck in between lessons? Got a burning question? You’re not on your own here!
  • Send me an email, and I’ll be in touch within a day to help you move forward


  • Your new knowledge won’t expire in 8 weeks!
  • What you learn during this career change course will give you precious lifelong tools and skills for self-help

Here are some highlights from the curriculum of this one-of-a-kind career change course:

WEEK 1 – Identifying the limiting blocks that are holding you back and building a long-lasting success mindset

WEEK 2 – Equipping you with in-the-moment tools to build empowering beliefs and manage your response to new or challenging situations effectively on a day-to-day basis

WEEK 3Self-Discovery Pyramid – my proprietary method for career change, which you won’t find anywhere else! – and defining your purpose

WEEK 4 – Analysing everything you’ve already learnt both in and outside of work to identify your favourite interests and fields

WEEK 5 – Using my proprietary method to select the right transferable skills to use in your new career

WEEK 6 – Identifying how you’d like to work (for example: what people you actually wish to surround yourself with, type of workplace, salary, etc.)…

WEEK 7 – … and where: we’re talking about industries, locations, and types of businesses that you can see yourself thriving in

WEEK 8 – Strategy action plan with a step-by-step approach: tight selection of potential routes that reflect what you love and need, identifying the types of organisations that offer these roles, short-listing them, and contacting them effectively

Become the Queen of Your Hustle with a career that actually fulfils you

Mark it on your calendar! In exactly 8 weeks from now, you’ll have:

clarity on your purpose: you’ll know what professional path can allow you to feel fulfilled and achieve your complete potential

a strong mindset and tools to deal with present and future challenges

a step-by-step action plan to turn this new dream career into your actual reality

Don’t waste the rest of your life by staying stuck in a corporate position that doesn’t feel ‘yours’.

Become in charge of your own path with this career change course: without pay cuts, without retraining, without throwing away everything you’ve built so far.

Enough with getting tossed about by the waves! You deserve to be the captain of your life and steer your career towards a direction that gives it meaning.