Your chronological CV has been working against you!

Struggling to secure interviews? Worried that your work history wouldn’t help you get the role you’re after?

Creating the perfect skill-based CV is the first step towards getting unstuck.

Some people think these resumes are just for graduates and job seekers with little-to-no experience, but that’s simply not true.

In fact, as a mid-career woman looking for a change, skill-based CV templates are your best option if:

  • You’re looking to work in a completely different industry or job role and have nothing relevant to show for it (psst: that’s where transferable skills come into play!)
  • Several of your past roles are fairly similar and would make a chronological CV look repetitive
  • You have gaps you don’t particularly wish to draw attention to

But there’s more to it: the right skill-based CV format can help you find a job that embodies your core abilities, passions, and preferences.

You won’t get that with a regular skill-based CV template, though.

Why my toolkit is different from all other skill-based CV templates

Because it’s more than a template! My Skill-Based CV Toolkit is the starting point towards a more meaningful career and life.

In fact, a skill-based CV template on its own is pointless if you don’t know how to identify your core skills correctly and find the right hierarchy for them.

As a career coach for women, I’ve helped dozens of mid-career professionals change paths and become the Queen of My Hustle: a woman who’s in charge of her own agenda, career, and life.

And the first step?

Understanding what moves each individual and what skills energise them. Of course, those included in the job description are important too, whenever you’re answering ads. But if you don’t also identify the skills that make you happy, how are you really hoping to change your current situation?

How are you going to use them to approach the right companies directly so that you can unlock opportunities that go beyond ads?

Without that groundwork, you’re extremely likely to find yourself in the same situation after the novelty of the new job wears off.

That’s why, together with the actual skill-based CV template, I’m sharing my proprietary method – the Skill Discovery System – with you.

Unless you suddenly decide to become a doctor or lawyer, it will enable you to look for a different job without having to take painful pay cuts or waste time retraining.

For example, my method helped Fiona go from a sales job in media tech to working for an inspiring sustainability start-up. Hilary left her unfulfilling role as the Finance Director of a blue chip company to become the Managing Director of a bustling Diversity & Inclusion consultancy.

Ready to take charge of your career, too?

Everything you receive with the Skill-Based CV Toolkit

My toolkit is nothing like the impersonal, standalone skill-based CV templates you can find for free.

The Skill Discovery System

  • In-depth video teaching you my life-changing proprietary method to identify your top and favourite transferable skills
  • I’ll also teach you exactly how you can finetune them to stand out even more

Skill spreadsheet & worksheet

  • Two practical fillable documents to put my proprietary method into practice
  • Also featuring 90+ customisable skill ideas, already categorised for you

The actual skill-based CV template

  • Clear template with the correct hierarchy of information
  • Fillable and easy to customise

Guide with tips on how to write a skills-based CV

  • Including best practices, actionable advice, and examples
  • Allowing you to get the very best out of your new skills-based CV layout

After using the Skill-Based CV Toolkit, you’ll find clarity and have a glorious resume that highlights your actual strengths and potential. The kind that makes you feel confident and excited whenever you send it!

The skill-based CV template & guide to work towards a more meaningful career

Stop wasting time trying to squeeze random skills into a chronological CV that doesn’t reflect your true potential!

You’re so much more than your current job title.

Start identifying your core transferable skills, and use this unique skill-based CV template to look for a job that aligns with your passions.