An idyllic setting, a like-minded tribe, your life-changing transformation

I know: your career has been feeling stagnating and uninspiring for a while, and your current day-to-day reality is full of stress and distractions, but just try and picture this.

  • You wake up in a remote, heavenly setting
  • You let go of all your work-related stress as you unwind with some morning yoga
  • You feel the breeze in your hair when you close your eyes and find a breathtaking view in front of you when you open them
  • Then, with the personalised help of a coach, you spend some time getting in touch with your authentic passions, motivations, and goals.
  • You’re surrounded and empowered by an intimate circle of fellow professional women sharing your same mindset

After a week, you feel completely recharged and have identified your true purpose. You’re ready to take the first step towards a career and life that actually feel yours (and become the Queen of My Hustle, as I always say).

Shall we make that happen together?

Career Reset Retreats - Why a focus on direction and yoga

Years ago, I kept wasting 16-hour days working towards a career that didn’t actually fulfil me. Even when I realised it needed to stop, I just couldn’t figure out how and in what direction to go.

Then, I found yoga. It finally allowed me to take some time to switch off and meditate.

So, I decided to study it properly. I got qualified in ISHTA yoga (Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda) through none other than the creator behind this concept, master Alan Finger. I then studied Vinyasa Flow and became Jivamukti certified. Through my inspirational teachers, my lineage goes all the way back to none other than Harish Johari and Paramahansa Yogananda.

Many of my clients have described me as Tia = energy. Before finding yoga, though, I felt nothing but drained.

Yoga didn’t solve all my problems, though. To figure out in what direction to steer my career and become the Queen of My Hustle, I also needed to work with several trainers and coaches. 

That’s why I decided to bring these two seemingly unrelated aspects together and created these exclusive yoga retreats for women:

to help other overwhelmed female leaders take a well-deserved break and find their new path through my proprietary method.

My yoga retreats for women are more than a much-needed break

If you feel as burnt out and overwhelmed as I did when stuck in the wrong career, trust me: I know how difficult it is to identify the right path for you.

After a long and stressful week at work, you just haven’t got the mental and physical energy to try and look into it!

Plus, if you’re anything like 99% of those who opt for my yoga retreats for women or invest in my coaching, you haven’t got a clue as to what this change should look like for you.

You might also hear some demotivating advice from your family and friends telling you that you should just be grateful for your current job.

Instead, this women-only retreat will be a clean slate for you.

You’ll be in an idyllic and stress-free environment, surrounded by professionals with your same mindset, and you’ll get my full support as a coach.

We’ll harness yoga to unlock your energy so that we can use it to start working towards your new path.

This might involve launching a side hustle to build a portfolio career or to then become your own boss. Perhaps you should change industries? Or maybe you just need to find a way of elevating your current career to new levels?

Whatever it is, we’ll figure it all out together (and then toast to each other’s success!).

Upcoming Career Reset Retreats: professional women’s yoga retreats in 2023

I’m sure you already have a lot on your plate, so everything will be organised and taken care of for you. Here’s what your personal development and yoga retreat for women will look like:

  • You’ll kickstart the day with a dynamic yoga class and meditation practice, followed by a delicious and healthy breakfast
  • We’ll get together for 2-3 hours of guided workshops and coaching with personalised support. I’ll help you identify your true purpose and new career path, as well as how to get there in practice. We’ll work on both the inner and outer game shifts required for a successful transformation
  • After boosting your energy levels even further with a wholesome vegetarian lunch, the entire afternoon is yours to explore the surrounding areas, relax in the sun, or… do whatever you wish!
  • In the evening, you’ll also get to enjoy a shorter sunset practice that’ll lead us to dinner time: think gentle stretching, breathing, and meditation while you gaze at the red and golden horizon in front of you
  • You’ll also receive some recipe cards to keep so that you can recreate those mouthwatering recipes at home, and there are options for organic wine tasting, too

By the end of this unforgettable week, you’ll have

recharged your energy levels

identified what transformation you need in your career and life

created an actionable plan to turn it into a reality and become the Queen of My Hustle

I keep these women’s yoga retreats intimate to ensure that everyone gets plenty of support and my undivided attention. So, there’s limited availability for each of them.

Don’t risk missing out on this unique opportunity to take charge of your career whilst unwinding in a paradisiac location!

Reserve a spot for this life-changing experience