Most of us live our lives in a constant GREY ZONE. Never quite fully concentrating amongst endless distractions and never quite fully restoring, our mind always on the next task.

This is hardly conducive to a highly successful life. But fear not: that’s where our retreats come in!

If you have been wanting to make big changes to your career and life and have found it impossible to find the physical and mental space to even THINK, let alone take any ACTION, we have created exactly that:

A magical space where you can do your most productive and creative thinking, build a clear action plan for your future, under the close guidance of Tia’s coaching.

Whilst also giving all your senses the treat and boost they deserve, with daily yoga, fresh and colourful organic food, surrounded by beaches and natural beauty.




You will be well looked after in idyllic surroundings, so that everything will be conducive to you making the biggest inner and outer game shifts, that will allow you to make big and bold changes to your career and life.

How does it work?

  • You will start the day with a dynamic yoga class and meditation practice, followed by a healthy breakfast
  • We will then get together for 2-3 hours for guided, yet fluid, workshops aimed at helping you through Bold Career Changes and/or setting up your Side Hustle. The workshops will be very practical and you will have a clear action plan for when you get back to normal life
  • After lunch, the rest of the day is for you to enjoy the beach and surrounding areas and rejuvenate!
  • Every evening we will offer also a shorter sunset practice, made of gentle stretching, breathing and meditation, to lead us to dinner time

Why Yoga? Because it's the ultimate Energy Management System!

Yoga is a truly transformational practice; a way of living that steadily makes us evolve into our best self, realising our life purpose on earth. It would take a lifetime to list all benefits that yoga brings. Yoga is the ultimate ‘unlocking’ agent as all its techniques and practices are aimed at opening any closed passage, be it physical, mental or emotional and letting all energies flow freely and purposefully through their channels. Through her long spell in the corporate world, Tia has also had first hand experience on how creativity & success can be harnessed via yoga and meditation and of the invaluable help yoga brings in stressful situations.

Tia started her yoga journey 15 years ago. Pursuing her interest for Hatha based Yoga, she qualified officially with ISHTA, which stands for Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. She studied with master Alan Finger and his students, whose lineage include Paramhansa Yogananda. Tia completed her TT500 in Vinyasa Flow with London based teacher Alessandra Pecorella, a yogini of 27 years and direct student of Patthabi Jois and Shiva Rea. Subsequently, Tia also became Jivamukti certified, which she pursued not only for the love of its Asana practice, but with the aim to integrate spiritual scriptures and sound more deeply into her own teachings.


  • General physical, mental, emotional wellbeing
  • Optimising Energy levels
  • Effective management of any Anxiety arising
  • A deep feeling of Empowerment
  • Strengthened Confidence
  • Willpower and Drive

  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Sharpening our Focus & Problem Solving skills
  • Balancing and Grounding
  • Elevating to higher levels of Awareness and Compassion
  • Deeper Connection to others and society
  • ...and it goes on!

Add energy to everything you do

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