Launch a successful side hustle as your ticket out of corporate

The future is Small Business. In a few years, 50% of the American workforce will be freelance and other countries are following just behind. Big corporate is losing its appeal for many reasons, a key one being: it’s failing women everyday. We are told to lean into a redundant system that insists on wanting to fix women rather than the real problems. But don’t despair! We have the solution… and that is designing our own new system that fits our lives, needs and desires like a glove! Side Hustle Launchpad™ helps disillusioned female professionals create and launch a successful side hustle in 8 weeks, one that will turn into your ticket out of corporate so that you can be your own boss as soon as you are ready, without having to risk your career and current salary. We’ll guide you to see the best options available to you with crystal clarity and take laser-focused action, step by step.


Choose an idea that suits your skills and interests (gives you joy!), adds value to people/the world, and makes a great profit


Feel confident in your abilities to execute it, which brings excitement about each day and about being your own boss


Take small consistent action, progressing steadily to launch, with laser focus and always knowing what comes next

Does this sound like you?

Are you waking up every morning demotivated by your career and what you do?

Is there a nagging little thought that keeps creeping into your mind…

That you have dedicated your life to something you are no longer passioned about?

And are languishing and feeling stagnant, asking yourself “is this it”?

Perhaps you feel “married to your job”, working around the clock, because you have no “good” reason to leave on time?

Or maybe you just want freedom, control on your own agenda, to do more of the things you love?

Are you yearning to find purpose and passion in what you do again?

Do you long to make a change but worry about having to take pay-cuts? To retrain for years? Or perhaps you have no idea about what you could do and worry about throwing your hard earned career away?

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It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine if...

You had all the joy, purpose and freedom of entrepreneurship, along with the safety and stability of employment, while you launch.

You had clarity on how to use your skills and interests to do something different, that you truly love and that it’s meaningful to you.

You were in control of your own agenda and schedule, perhaps even your own boss…

And didn’t have to wait until retirement to get the freedom that you want.

You had the confidence that you could replace your salary with your new business within a year of leaving your job…

Earning the money you need for your lifestyle and without lengthy re-trainings…

Validating your idea before you launch without jumps into the unknown.

And you were able to build on your experience, rather than throwing it a way to start from scratch.

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If so many of us have done it, so can you!

Want to finally plan your exit from corporate?

Watch this video to learn more about Side Hustle Launchpad™ and how to launch a successful side hustle that will get you out of corporate without lengthy retraining or eye-watering pay-cuts.

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How Side Hustle Launchpad™ Works


Guided self-learning in short modules, that fit into any busy life, organised across 8 weeks; focusing both on building your outer game (business strategies & tactics) and inner game (entrepreneur mindset)


Virtual Q&A calls once a week, focusing on business progress and mindset, where you can share your struggles and victories with your coach and wider group and get the answers & support you need


These milestone sessions will be specifically dedicated to understand and remove your most stubborn blocks, whether mental or practical, to deliver maximum breakthroughs, fast.



In order to get off to a good start we’ll set your goals and vision, analyse your skills & interests and get crystal clear on a Side Hustle that brings you joy, is in demand on the market, and brings the profit you want & need. So, don’t worry if you don’t have an idea for your side hustle yet!


We’ll help you build your first case study and/or get your first sale to prove that your idea will be profitable before you even go all out to build it. We’ll also help you free 5-10 hours from your day job (whilst still improving your performance) so that you have time to work on your new business.


We’ll then show you how to get repeat customers and structure your business so that you can manage it on the side for the time being, whilst you build towards leaving your day job and replacing your current income within just 12 months of doing that, if that’s what you want.


Felicia is so grateful to have had Tia with her every step of the way in launching her Side Hustle

Time to be your boss?

Speak directly to Tia to 1) find out how to create a crystal clear vision for your side hustle, even if you have no idea right now; 2) uncover the challenges that might be holding you back right now and keeping you stuck in your current situation; and 3) have a clear step-by-step action plan to launch the perfect side hustle for you.