Your leadership team is struggling!

Your C-suite and mid-to-senior leaders should bring their teams together. They have the opportunity to lead by example, motivate their employees, and help your company grow as a result.

However, something is currently subverting them from the inside: their own brains. More specifically, their deeply engrained saboteurs.

We promise we haven’t been stalking your executives! The reason why we can tell you this confidently is… that’s just how all of us are wired, to begin with.

Plus, things get even more challenging when someone finds themselves in such an important role without the right preparation.

That’s why your leaders are struggling with:

  • Limiting beliefs and blocks that undermine their confidence
  • Outmoded saboteur-led assumptions on how to lead successfully, such as relying on high control and micromanaging

On top of that, let’s not forget about all the other challenges that most leaders have to deal with:

  • Being unclear on their individual and collective role
  • Having blurred boundaries that bring about unhelpful politics and get in the way of their actions
  • Failing to align personal, team, and business values and motivations to achieve certain goals together
  • A lack of real, fruitful collaboration as a result

Basically, your leaders aren’t using their full potential right now. This translates into heterogeneous and directionless teams, low productivity, and stagnant growth.

How UnlockYourBlock’s leadership development training will fix that

It’s time to abandon all those obsolete leadership approaches. Let’s face it: micromanagers are so 20th century!

This is the age of confident and emotional intelligent leaders who rely on trust. 

But how can your current executives do that if they still have those limiting blocks in place?

To change that initial situation, it’s your responsibility to invest in their development and give them the right tools to succeed.

By allowing them to achieve their full potential (and inspire their employees to reach theirs), you’ll be doing the same for your company as a result!

The not-so-secret weapons behind our game-changing leadership training programmes

We’re certified by the International Coach Federation:

  • While the title of ‘coach’ gets thrown around a lot online, we are in the top 5% of executive coaches worldwide and were verified by the global leader in this industry
  • Our leadership development training meets the highest of standards: we’ve gone through extensive training through the Center of Executive Coaching and adhere to the ICF code of conduct and ethics

By training specific brain areas like you would with muscles and harnessing the heart/ mind connection, we allow your leaders to:

  • Recognise their sabotaging thoughts as and when they present themselves and tackle them effectively
  • In order to destroy limiting blocks (beliefs)
  • Unlock their natural guidance, develop empathy & connection, and become in control of their emotions, in order to take laser-focused, confident action

Harnessing the 5 key principles of trust-based transformational leadership

Through UnlockYourBlock, you’ll allow your executives and top managers to grow on different levels.

Specifically, our leadership skills training focuses on the following core points:

  • Developing self-awareness, confidence, and efficacy
  • Learning to influence and make an actual impact
  • Becoming aligned with your business direction
  • Finding clarity on their team’s roles and remits
  • Committing to their individual growth towards self-realisation while feeling energised and inspired by their positive impact on other employees
  • Creating a safe space for their direct reports to be transparent and authentic
  • Discouraging cliques and, instead, feeling supported and cared for by one another
  • Embracing vulnerability to admit to mistakes and shortcomings
  • Mastering mindful feedback and honesty to foster growth
  • Seeing conflict as a gift instead of something that should be avoided at all costs
  • Learning to be upfront and direct in challenging each other to get to the best solutions
  • Mastering empathy-fuelled connection and adapting their communication style to match each others’ preferences
  • Promoting experimentation and normalising failure
  • Changing your leaders’ perspective from “witch hunts and blame” to a “curious anthropologist mindset”
  • Shifting the focus from “no, but” to “yes, and”
  • Holding each other accountable for conduct and results instead of waiting for higher management to do so
  • Mastering empowered decision-making and versatility
  • Striving for congruent, laser-focused action

Stellar Leaders - Leadership development training programmes for people-first companies like yours

Our corporate leadership workshops and programmes are

Fully customisable

Tailored to your own needs and circumstances

Available virtually, in-person, or as a hybrid option

Depending on your current challenges and future goals, you can choose to make the most of our leadership training and development in two main ways:

Leadership Inspiration

One-day leadership workshop

This is an intensive session that can be organised for the full day, half, or as part of an away-day for your leadership team.

Either way, this leadership workshop will:

  • Focus on the 5 key principles of trust-based transformational leadership
  • Unlock the full potential of each of your leaders
  • Bring them together as a team so they can start leading your employees and company forward on a daily basis

Leadership Excellence

Ongoing leadership consultancy

This 3+ months programme with Tia as your leadership consultant includes:
Workshops focusing on the 5 key principles of trust-based transformational leadership

  • Audit of your leadership team’s strengths, behavioural styles, and issues
  • Alignment behind your company vision with clear roles and remits
  • 1:1 executive coaching if relevant to your needs
  • Tailored action plan and set milestones

Some of the companies that invested in UnlockYourBlock and our leadership training programmes

Invest in your leaders. Start GROWING

After completing our leadership development training, your company will get

Stellar leaders who have finally reached their full potential

A positive ripple effect on the rest of their teams

Clarity, a productivity boost, and a healthier environment that’ll future-proof your company for growth

Stop waiting for the stars to align on their own. Start developing your Stellar Leaders today!

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