Only 1 in 5 executives is a woman. Help us develop more female leaders

When it comes to executive teams, companies with the highest gender diversity are 25% more likely to reach above-average profitability.

And yet women are still severely underrepresented as leaders. To put it into perspective, only 8.1% of all Fortune 500 chief executives are women.

As if that weren’t a bad enough problem on its own, the gender leadership gap actually becomes a vicious cycle.

With such few role models and peers in the corporate world, women are confronted with additional challenges and barriers:

  • Gender bias and harmful misconceptions. We’ve all heard that “women are too emotional” and, when ambitious and driven, “too bossy”, right?
  • Inequality, from the gender pay gap to being 14% less likely to be promoted
  • Struggling to find an authentic leadership style they can embrace confidently
  • Dealing with imposter “syndrome” and other deeply rooted saboteurs as a consequence
  • Confidence gap. When they’re 8-14, girls’ confidence drops by 30%. In most cases, it never goes back to normal, and women end up being less self-assured than men (even when there’s absolutely no difference in their performance)

Help us break this cycle! It’s time for a new generation of female leaders, and your company will only benefit from it.

When striving for gender equity, we must support women individually

Our executive coaching for women enables them to reconnect with their purpose and unlock the confidence to lead meaningfully.

Investing in their personal and professional development is one of the best choices you can make for your people-first company.

On average, teams with female leaders feel they’re getting:

  • 12% higher emotional support
  • 5% more assistance with mitigating burnout
  • 7% more help when it comes to checking in, especially with their overall well-being

So, you’ll get to motivate and inspire employees of any gender while offering a much-needed positive role model to all the women in your organisation.

And remember: you’ll be retaining this top talent, too. In the corporate world, 94% would stay much longer if a company invested in their learning and development.

Why choose Tia Castagno as your ICF-certified executive coach for women

Because she gets it.

Despite holding several C-suite positions, Tia never felt fully in control of her own agenda in the corporate world.

She realised that, due to gender bias, she had to work much, much harder to be successful. Not only that: she needed to do a lot of inner work and develop self-awareness, confidence, and self-assertion to keep going and growing. After all, the system was clearly not built for her.

She eventually found her own path as an entrepreneur, but she’s confident the corporate world can become a place for women to thrive. So, she’s now working hard to help make it that way, one people-first company at a time (will yours be next?)

Tia is amongst the top 5% of executive coaches worldwide. She’s an ICF Professional Certified Coach and completed her training with the Center of Executive Coaching, the leader in this field.

Bringing together her unique background and training as a HeartMath® and Positive Intelligence® coach, she’ll help your female executives exercise their brains like a muscle.

Tia will enable them to overcome the negative mindset and belief system that are currently making them feel stuck. She’ll then open new possibilities of thought and action, allowing them to find the confidence to lead meaningfully and unapologetically.

Our 1:1 executive coaching for women

As a professional female executive coach, Tia will provide them with the kind of personalised help that you just can’t get from online courses and apps.

8 weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions

supported by relevant materials and worksheets

Available wherever you’re based

(Zoom magic!)

Constant support and access to Tia

for the entire duration of the programme

The programme of UnlockYourBlock’s executive leadership coaching

Tia focuses on both the inner and outer game to guarantee permanent changes and life-long skills.

While the entire programme can be customised based on the needs of your company and female executives, these are the typical stages and approach you can expect:

Creating a Vision for your future, clear Goals & clarifying the values you want to live up to and aligning all this with organisational values & goals. This is what truly transforms the impact of a leader, because when your heart is set on fire by your own goals and aspirations, nothing can stop you.

An analysis of our starting point: your strengths, your inner sabotaging tendencies, how they manifest in your behaviour, how you spend your time, etc. Self-awareness is where any journey of change begins so we want to become masters at it!

Especially (but not only) if you are at a junction in your career and trying to figure out your next steps, we will also do deep work in identifying your favourite transferable skills and interests, which will allow you to focus your career on the intersection of those so that you can reach your highest potential.

Let’s face it, we are all the product of the various systems we have been through; family, school, community and so on. As a result of that and to protect ourselves and fit in, since childhood, we’ve had to develop defence mechanics that made sense in those situations but that don’t serve our highest development. Those beliefs disguise themselves as our friends. For instance, “Perfectionism is good”! Or “I must be a People Pleasure to be liked”. We then act accordingly.

During this part we do the hard but super gratifying work of shifting, reframing & replacing those beliefs with ones that will serve you best in achieving the Vision you’ve set for your career & life. And we’ll shift behavioural patterns that don’t serve you well as a leader and replace them with winning ones that are simple yet powerful in getting you what you want from your career and role.

In parallel to working on your limiting beliefs and behaviours, you will create your own Leadership Dashboard to serve as your north star, and capture your mission in your role, key initiatives, key stakeholders, power-mapping and hone all the leadership skills needed to make that a reality. We’ll also align strategies and tactics with the kind of leader you want to be and be known as.

Where most leaders go wrong with productivity is by trying desperately to manage time, which is out of their control. We start with energy management and explore Productivity Ninja moves that best suit your lifestyle and that will help you focus 80% of your efforts on the 20% that gets the highest returns towards the vision you’ve set.

We’ll also make it effortless for you to take action, by both aligning that action with your real intentions and vision as well as by helping you put routines in place that will carry you.

During the coaching programme we’ll weave in anything else that comes up as needed. For instance, some that often surface:

  • Blending Visionary with Practical Leadership
  • Building Agility & Range as a Leader
  • Inspiring & Engaging Your People
  • Communicating your Vision in a Compelling Way
  • Creating Boundaries that allow you to thrive

And you’ll also master the ability to:

  • Deal with disagreement and conflict with ease
  • Manage your stress and that of others
  • Build resilience throughout the team

Some of the companies that invested in UnlockYourBlock and our executive coaching for women

Unleash the potential of your female executives.Help close the gender confidence and leadership gap.

After investing in Tia’s coaching for women executives, your company will get

Empowered female leaders who’ve tapped into their mental fitness and reached their full potential

Positive role models for the rest of your employees, young and lower-level women in particular

A healthier, more positive, and productive environment with diverse talent and a focus on working meaningfully

Enough with those gender gaps! The corporate world needs a new generation of confident and empowered female leaders – and your company can lead the way.

Take the first step by scheduling a free chat with Tia. This can be booked by a representative of your company, a female leader interested in finding out more about our executive coaching for women, or both at the same time.

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