The premise of this coaching programme is that we are truly productive when we are getting what we want in life. It’s about how well we manage our ENERGY (building our E-Quity account) physically, emotionally and mentally INTERNALLY as well as the ability to take laser-focused action EXTERNALLY, in the world. In order to do that, we need to learn to recognise and transform toxic blocks, such as the voice of our inner critic and other self-fuelled saboteurs, unhealthy habits etc. in the moment, taking daily steps to build the muscles in our brain that give us more control on our thoughts, emotions and actions. With consistent practice, we are able to permanently reduce our tendency for negative thoughts, and the resulting emotions and behavioural patterns.

UYB’s signature coaching approach, DOUBLE YOUR ENERGY, HALVE THE STRESS in 6 weeks – is aimed at cultivating positive energy, as the key source of Balance and Productivity.


Building Mental and Emotional Fitness is essential to perform at our best at work, whilst finding balance, happiness and fulfilment in life. In this part of the programme Tia has brought together HeartMath’s Building Personal Resilience™ (the best approach there is to emotional self-regulation) and Positive Intelligence’s Mental Fitness, again the most powerful system to build mental fitness steadily. The simple, science-based techniques taught are self-regulating practices aimed at balancing us and can be used any time, anywhere, to switch into a positive thinking state, calm reactive emotions, increasing clarity and confidence and enhancing relationships via effective communication. Read More


Stress means that demand exceeds your current capacity. If we don’t have a clear process in place that helps us work out High vs Low Impact and Urgent vs Important, we are under stress. Process and solid routines increase our capacity to keep focused on the critical few vs the trivial many things we end up doing daily. Many of us try to rely on willpower to be disciplined, but willpower is limited and often we waste it. When we work at habit-forming level, rather than just forcing and pushing ourselves to take an action, then soon habits start to carry us, as they become second nature. That’s what we do in this part of the programme: design habits one at a time and intentionally. Read More

Want to finally double your energy and halve the stress in your life?

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Programme Design & Experience

The main aim of the programmes under this umbrella is to see everyone get to the end fully equipped to self-regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviours and be the directors of their lives.
You will receive comprehensive, yet never overwhelming, guiding materials with all content covered in sessions, step-by-step techniques, and exercises for exploration between sessions. We also integrate bio-feedback and other technology so that you can see in real-time the impact of the work you are doing.
All mental and emotional regulation techniques taught in the modules are practiced under clear guidance, and you will be supported on you own journey.

6-8 weekly sessions

Mental & Emotional Fitness assessments

Guide material provided


  • Identifies & weakens your saboteurs: imposter syndrome, pleaser, perfectionist, controller, hyper-vigilant, hyper-achiever, restless etc.
  • Strengthens your sage powers: see the big picture, innovate, empathise, take laser-focused action
  • Build your Self-Command muscle
  • All with 12-15 minutes of simple daily mental fitness practice


  • Self-regulation of fear, stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and all other depleting emotions
  • Ability to transform those depleting emotions in renewing ones such as gratitude, contentment, calm
  • Simple techniques to balance the nervous system before/ during/ after challenging situations
  • Stronger relationships as a result
  • Happier, more fulfilled life


  • Establishing solid success rituals & routines
  • Cutting out hours of busy-work every week, freeing time for what really matters to you
  • Doubling your energy on all levels, no more exhaustion
  • Clear and simple system of prioritisation
  • Optimal state for peak productivity & performance throughout the day

Double Your Energy, Halve The Stress - Free Session

During this session, you will work with Tia to:

  • Create a clear vision for ultimate balance physically, mentally and emotionally, in your career and personal life
  • Uncover hidden challenges that might be sabotaging your wellbeing, performance & happiness
  • Leave the session clear, focused, renewed and inspired to double your energy, reach peak productivity and start thriving in all areas of life

At that stage you might decide you want our support and sign up for our programme or that you are happy to try and execute solo. Either way, we will still be friends!