It’s not your fault: you’ve been sold a lie

If you’re a high-achiever, people-pleaser, and a bit of a perfectionist, I bet these sound familiar:

  • To-do lists that keep on growing
  • Struggling to say no to new tasks and requests
  • Putting your colleagues’ needs (and everyone else’s) before your own
  • Being known for your multi-tasking and wearing it as a badge of honour
  • Thinking “busy = productive” and “downtime = wasted time”

I used to be the same! That’s why I’m pretty sure your day-to-day work and life include:

  • Feeling constantly exhausted
  • Running around like a headless chicken
  • Fuelling up with coffee and winding down with alcohol
  • Doing too much but not having enough energy for it all (no wonder this has been impacting your performance!)
  • Fearing that someone is eventually going to “find you out” as an imposter
  • Feeling disillusioned with your work and day-to-day life: after all, they’ve mainly been causing you stress and frustration 
  • Experiencing anger and resentment since you have no time for yourself - and guilt because your relationships have been suffering from it
  • Always feeling anxious and stressed, even though you can’t really understand what’s causing it

Basically, you’re relentlessly busy, overwhelmed, and getting stuff done but… not making things happen. Most certainly not for yourself. In fact, it’s almost like you’ve been controlled by someone else’s agenda.

While this can happen to anyone, it’s especially common amongst women in the corporate world. Feeling successful shouldn’t cost you your happiness, though!

As I teased before, it’s not your fault. You’ve been conditioned to act this way and sold a huge lie:  that, to be more productive, you should manage time and multi-task. 

But that’s exactly what’s been making you waste time in the first place. 23 minutes and 15 seconds – repeatedly – to be precise: that’s how long it takes your brain to focus on a new task. Or refocus after an interruption.

What if, instead, you could feel energised, empowered, and in control
and save 5-10h a week with a daily 12-minute hack?

It’s not about time-management! Your daily time isn’t unlimited and within your control. Your energy is

Yes: when you learn to manage your energy internally, you start taking laser-focused action externally and seize control of your life.

You basically need to think, act, and bio-hack yourself like top athletes:

  • Time-management → Managing your energy
  • Multi-tasking → Learning to focus on one task at a time
  • Forcing yourself to be productive for hours → Implementing intermittent recovery

But, to do that successfully, you first need to overcome the energy drainers that have been sabotaging you from the inside (we all have them!).

The good news? Take it from a mental fitness & productivity coach: you can train your brain like a muscle. 

That’s why all those self-help books, time-management tools, and free resources haven’t and won’t work for you despite the initial excitement:

you wouldn’t expect to read about exercising and get fit, would you?
So, you can’t just learn about mental & emotional fitness, energy, and productivity management…
and wait for things to change without actually training your brain.

Are you serious about reducing your negative thoughts, emotions, and energy drainers permanently? And learning to recognise and tackle them immediately when they do show up?

Then, you need a proven process tailored to your specific situation, quick but consistent daily rituals, and accountability.

And that’s exactly what’s included in Double Your Energy, Halve the Stress.

Meet your mental fitness & productivity coach (think of me as a personal trainer for your brain!)

If you’re new around here, hi: I’m Tia Castagno, founder of UnlockYourBlock. I went from pulling exhausting 16-hour shifts to being called Tia = energy by my clients.

I’m also known as the Queen of My Hustle because I’m finally in charge of both my career and life. And that’s what I’ll do for you in 6 weeks!

Double Your Energy, Halve the Stress is a mental fitness & productivity coaching programme like no other because it brings together my unique background:

HeartMath® trainer and Positive Intelligence® mental fitness coach

  • Training the brain like a muscle
  • Self-regulation to go from a negative to a positive emotional state
  • Science-based productivity coaching

ICF-certified executive coach with decades of corporate experience 

  • Nothing happens in a vacuum!
  • I’ll identify exactly what work-related issues have been worsening your mental blocks and energy drainers

Experienced, triple-qualified yoga & meditation teacher

  • Finding stillness even in stressful situations
  • Breathwork techniques for optimal wellbeing
  • All the knowledge and tools of a professional yogi

Experience a taste of how my mental fitness & productivity coaching will double your energy and halve your stress

Discover your 4 sources of energy and why purpose fuels performance.

By the end of this free masterclass, you’ll also learn 5 strategies to boost your energy and sky-rocket your productivity.

Time management coaching is out. Energy management is in

So, what can you expect when you master your physical, emotional, and mental energy through my proprietary process?

  • Feeling energised and reinvigorated all day long
  • Achieving peak performance, productivity, and mental fitness as well as overall wellbeing and fulfilment
  • Going from a negative to a positive emotional state
  • Finally being in charge of your day-to-day, work, and life 
  • Ditching procrastination and knowing exactly what to prioritise or delegate instead of wasting 23 minutes and 15 seconds jumping from one task to another
  • Increased resilience  and a growth mindset
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and your triggers
  • Improvement of your relationships, both at work and beyond
  • 5-10 extra hours for yourself every week: how are you going to use them?

Here’s how we’re going to make all this happen together.

Double Your Energy, Halve the Stress - Mental fitness & productivity coaching programme

During our 6 weeks together, we’ll focus on:

  • It’s hard to read the label from inside the jar! So, we’ll start – and end – this mental fitness & productivity coaching programme with a validated Stress and Wellbeing Assessment
  • I’ll also guide you through the Positive Intelligence and Saboteur Assessments to understand your unique mental fitness situation
  • Basically, from “imposter syndrome” to the inner critic and more: what specific limiting blocks and saboteurs have been working against you? And what’s been making them worse at your workplace and in your daily life?
  • Once I’ve uncovered those blocks for you, we’ll begin to exercise your brain, starting with the Saboteur interceptor. That way, you’ll spot those energy drainers before they take over
  • I have a proven method and framework that’ll allow you to master self-regulation and control negative emotions like stress, anxiety, and anger – before, during, and after a challenging situation
  • We’ll also exercise the Sage and Self-Command brain muscles to develop a positive growth mindset, become in control, and start taking laser-focused action
  • Basically, I’ll show you the exact process to take your brain to the gym every day!
  • And don’t worry: this won’t be time-consuming at all. We’re talking about 12-15 minutes to perform simple rituals and self-regulation tactics, boosting your energy and saving you 5-10 hours a week
  • We’ll also cover some “time management” and prioritisation training to give you a clear  system to rely on
  • You’ll then be ready to reach the optimal state for peak productivity and performance throughout your day – and feel reinvigorated, unstoppable, and in control

So, what exactly is included in this mental fitness & productivity coaching programme?

With Double Your Energy, Halve the Stress, you access:


  • 6-8 weekly sessions tailored to your specific situation
  • Mental & Emotional Fitness Assessments
  • Accountability, additional help, and direct access to me for the entire duration of our mental fitness & productivity coaching programme (you’re not on your own!)


  • Covering the content explored during our sessions as well as exercises for exploration in between them
  • Actionable step-by-step techniques
  • Comprehensive but never overwhelming: you can follow them at your own pace


  • Double Your Energy, Halve the Stress lasts 6 weeks: your learnings don’t!
  • You’ll be able to apply them, create positive changes, and unlock your energy for much longer than that
  • How long specifically? Glad you asked. How does “the rest of your life” sound?

You get all this for a one-off investment of £2,000 (payment plans available)

Double your energy, boost your productivity, and reclaim 5-10h of your life every week 

No more wasting your limited time by trying to manage it – or letting others control it!

In only 6 weeks, you’ll be fully equipped to self-regulate the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that have been making you feel so drained and directionless:

Clarity, confidence, and full control of your mental and emotional state as well as your agenda

Feeling reinvigorated and full of energy, unlocking your potential, and operating from peak performance and productivity

The balance and freedom to lead a life of fulfilment: you’re now the Queen of My Hustle and in the driver’s seat of your career and life

Seizing control of your life and gaining 260-520 hours every year is priceless!

But, to make sure this mental fitness & productivity coaching programme is the right fit for you (and to give you the clarity you’re craving right now), I’d like to invite you to a free session first.

We’ll start uncovering the hidden blocks and energy drainers that have been sabotaging your performance and wellbeing. We’ll also create a clear vision for physical, mental, and emotional balance in your personal and professional life.

You’ll leave this 1:1 session feeling focused and reset, ready and inspired to start doubling your energy and halving your stress.

You can then decide whether you want to try and execute it solo or rely on my support and proven process through this mental fitness & productivity coaching programme. Either way, we’ll still be friends!