Why go on a Retreat

Retreats allow you to go deeper, to unplug and reset your routine. 
A typical class doesn’t allow for the same depth and focus as a retreat, especially when it comes to rich and complex topics like philosophy, ayurveda, anatomy, or meditation. Also, at a retreat, distractions tend to be less prevalent, and the teachings can sink in more fully.
Retreats offer some much needed structure. Meals are served at the same time every day, and sleep/wake times are consistent. During a retreat nourishing fresh food is prepared at bodily advantageous times (which means no scrambling to put together dinner at 9:00 pm), and a retreat environment encourages us to really sit and savour.
Going offline at least for parts of the retreat, can be really refreshing. Even if the retreat center has Wifi, resist the urge to instagram your headstand! Unplugging for even a day may shift your perspective considerably.