A special Invitation to Female Leaders Languishing in Their Corporate Job

Would you like my help to create a personalised Action Plan that gets you out of the paralysing state of stagnation, overwhelm, disillusion or loss of excitement that often hits you mid-career & up in your corporate job; figure out what you want the second part of your career & life to look like and the steps to get there – so that you can feel energised, focused and inspired again, without having to throw your life upside down – for FREE?

Have you had your mid-career wake-up call yet?

Whether you are 40 and in full midlife crisis yet or not, you feel stagnant, demotivated, and/or unsure about where you are going next…
That niggling voice telling you softly to:

STOP running around like a headless chicken, going to bed exhausted and overwhelmed;

STOP being controlled by someone else’s agenda, which often means being overworked and under-utilised;

DO work you really care about & realign with the purpose you yearn for;

FEEL excited again for the day ahead and passionate about what you do.

For me that voice became very persistent just before my mid 30s when I realised that being single and a high achiever had turned me into a workaholic and that I needed to make some changes to a) nurture my personal life and my own wellbeing b) create a healthier relationship with work, one where I would get back as much as I was giving. At the time, I wanted a short-term reason not to work 16-hour days. And a long-term ticket to a different life.

I struggled with this for a few years and finally… I managed to do just that, using the strategies I teach today, and as a result I first progressed rapidly to C-Suite roles, whilst building my side hustle, and then made the leap to being my own boss, turning my side hustle into my one-way ticket out of corporate.

Mid-career is often question time. If you are single and are still busting a gut, because “what else do you have to do”, you may well be asking yourself “is this it”? If you’ve had children and tried to reappear and pushed for more, you might have found yourself off-grid and started to become invisible. Or your priorities have simply changed.
There is no wonder that women in many industries just… disappear. And that many women give up on companies to create their own. The average age of a female entrepreneur in the western world is 42.

Add to that a pandemic. The pandemic has given many of us the chance to “pause, reflect & reset”. Many women are re-examining their current careers and lives. You might be asking yourself: “do I really want to continue down this path”?
But that jump feels scary, right? So many unknowns. What will I do? Will it make money? And what about all the years of blood and sweat you poured into your career? Will I have to re-train? And take that dreaded pay-cut?? Yet, if you are reading this, chances are you definitely need to make some sort of BOLD change.

And let me give you some hope. This phase of life has the potential of being the most productive and fulfilling for women. It certainly is for me now as a full-time entrepreneur.

If any of this sounds familiar and you are yearning for a similar transformation in your life, take a deep breath of relief… you are in the right place! The first thing to acknowledge is that we can’t do this on our own. As they say, it takes a village. You’ll get through it if you have the support of a community of like-minded women, who understand you and want the same, as well as a proven formula & guidance to get there as quickly as possible.

That formula is made of some key shifts that I have seen work time and time again to transform the lives of women just like you.

Wouldn’t it be great to see that happening for you too?

Here is what I have in mind…

If you’ll join me for a “Discovery Session”, I will help you get clarity on what the second part of your career & life should look like for you to feel energised, focused and inspired again and create a clear 90-day plan to get out of the paralysing state of languishing you are in.

And if you qualify (see below), I’ll waive 100% of my usual coaching fee for this service.

How This Works...

There are a few important things you should know about the process we use during the call.

In fact, the approach I use is based on the very same method I use to set up long-term transformation programmes with my coaching clients, and for which others have invested a few ‘000. Now, obviously we won’t have hours or days to go deep into the implementation of the steps. But I promise you: if you take this seriously, you will absolutely have a clear path of what your next steps are to create the life and career you yearn for.

Second, I’ve worked in corporate for nearly two decades, the majority of which spent managing, mentoring and coaching great female (and male) talent — hence I have been able not only to advise but to see first-hand the impact of certain mindsets, strategies and behaviours when implemented. That means your action plan won’t be a “cookie cutter, off-the-shelf” template – but geared to succeed in “real life”. It’ll be fully relevant and customised to your specific circumstances.

As I’ve helped hundreds of clients craft their own success blueprints, I’ve come to realise that it’s not just about the strategies — it’s about the RIGHT strategy applied in a way that is RIGHT FOR YOU … that translates to success.

Finally, you’ve likely discovered that succumbing to the “self-help technique or leadership course du jour” is the fastest way to get (and keep) you frustrated and overwhelmed.  It’s constant trying without seeing any results.

That’s no way to live.

So our plan will eliminate many of the (often contradictory) systems, trainings and approaches you think you need.  It will focus on only the specific strategies, tactics and tools YOU need to escape the stagnation, confusion and/or overwhelm you are in, RESET & re-accelerate your career and life, on a new path that gets you out of bed excited and full of energy every morning.

If you just felt some of the weight lifting already … you’re in the right place to get maximum value from our time together.

Why I Do This For Free

If you’re like some people, you may see the value in having a plan like this, but you might be asking yourself why I would be willing to do this for free.

There are three reasons really.

One reason is altruistic. My life has been changed by great mentors and coaches on the way and I like to “pay-it-forward” doing something I LOVE. If you’ve watched some of my videos and presentations, you will know that I’m a firm believer that doing something that aligns with our purpose is a huge source of energy – regardless whether we get paid for it or not! So, this is time I decide to invest because it aligns with my purpose.

Also, as I create and nurture communities of like-minded women that can support & help each other, the more I get to know about the problems and desires each of us face and have the more I’m able to help and contribute in a valuable manner… So this is also research for me!

The final reason is that it’s one of the most fulfilling ways I get clients without needing to do any tricky marketing or hard-selling. You may get excited about the plan and see the benefit of working with an experienced coach to help implement the plan faster and with less “trial and error”.  A real win-win.

Here’s What It Looks Like When We Meet

When we meet, we’ll go through three key steps, based on the same intake process I use with all my clients, as I mentioned earlier.

We’ll follow these steps:

1) First, we review your desires and goals, and identify some success markers

2) Next, we’ll go through where you are right now, the status quo – what’s currently holding you stuck, but also the strengths and assets we can utilise to propel you forward

3) Finally, we create a personalised plan to bridge that gap – and go from where you are to your desired situation. A plan that not only achieves your goals, but also aligns with your most authentic nature, your strengths and talents, and your beliefs and values.

With this clear plan in hand, one of two things can happen next.

One option is that you’ll feel like you can implement the plan on your own.  In that case, you are free to use the plan at zero cost to you, with my enthusiastic wishes for your success.

The other option is that you are excited about the plan but would prefer to have me help you implement it successfully.  In that case, and assuming I feel like I can actually help you, we can then talk about you joining one of Queen of My Hustle programmes.

How Queen of My Hustle Works

When you join Queen of My Hustle, you get a combination of individual and group coaching, skills training, and a community that virtually ensures your success.  Here’s just some of the things members get:

1. Strategic Plan Coaching: we work to get clear and specific on your goals and how we’ll reach them

  • Strategic Planning Session. The first, and I would argue, most important thing you’ll do when you join is work with me to fill in the details, specifics and metrics of the plan we created on the initial free call.  This plan should guide your every action and decision for at least the next 10-12 weeks.

2. Skills & Training: to teach you “what and how” of all my proven principles and strategies

  • Access to Video trainings.  You will have access to weekly material that you can view in your own time to fit around your schedule and released in drips, so that you don’t get overwhelmed, to develop your mindset and learn all the techniques and tools you need to successfully complete the programme – and more importantly achieve the transformation you are looking for.
  • Ad-Hoc Training and Workshops.  Impromptu trainings will be provided when we discover something new that will help accelerate your success; or to fill in some missing knowledge that’s preventing group members from making progress.

3. Coaching & Community: to provide ongoing guidance, feedback and motivation to achieve your goals and vision from me and the other members of the group

  • Live Weekly Coaching.  You can get feedback, guidance or brainstorming on whatever you’re currently working on in a live weekly group coaching environment.
  • 24/7 Group Mastermind.  You can reach out to me and other members anytime for feedback, ideas, tips, motivation or other connection in our online mastermind community.

Before We Go Any Further…

I’m glad to have the chance to share a little bit about QUEEN OF MY HUSTLE with you, but honestly, until and unless we meet and create your action plan, I won’t know if you’re right for it.

So, if you want my help to map out your action plan for you, go ahead and request an appointment below.

And, rest assured, this isn’t just a trick to hard-sell you on anything. You have zero obligation other than to show up ready and focused & to be open and honest, so we create a plan that you can actually use.

Once we get a clear on the right action plan for you, we can talk more about Queen of My Hustle if you’re interested, and if I think you’re a good fit for it.

Otherwise, you can simply go an implement the action steps we devise, no hard feelings – we’ll part friends!

Check You Meet the Criteria For The Call

I can only make a limited number of these appointments available any given month, so I want to be sure that if we meet, you’re going to actually get some benefit from it, and I’m talking to people to whom I feel I can provide the most value.

So, to respect your time and mine, let me share some of the characteristics of the people I work with best, and for whom I can make the most impact:

  • You are a women who has worked in corporate for at least 7 years, building your career
  • You are driven and ambitious and want to fulfil your potential in this life, rather than just settle
  • You are in your 30s, 40s or 50s
  • Committed & Decisive – you are ready to say ‘enough’ to your current situation and will do the work it takes to get out of it
  • You are open to being coached, and trying things, even if they feel uncomfortable at first
  • You are resourceful and take a creative approach to problem solving instead of giving up when things don’t seem to work

How To Request Your Appointment

If, after reading this far, you see yourself as one of the people I can best help, and if you are ready to get started creating clarity about how to escape the overwhelm, stagnation and lack of excitement you are experiencing and start living your life on your terms, here’s how to request an appointment…

Click the link at the top or bottom of this page to be taken to my online calendar.  There, you’ll see the dates and times I currently have available for these free planning sessions.  Select the one that suits you best.

Once you confirm your appointment time, you’ll be taken to a form with few questions that will help me prepare for our call, and also to confirm that I can actually help you.  Please be sure to fill this in thoughtfully and honestly — it will make our time together super productive. It will take you only a few minutes.

Once you’ve answered the questions, just click to submit the form and we’re good to go!

You’ll get an email to confirm your appointment. Please add to your calendar and keep this handy.  It will have all the details of the meeting room and/or phone numbers.

I will review the information you provided before we meet.  If, after reviewing it, I determine I can’t help you, I’ll let you know, and give you any alternate resources or referrals that I think will serve you better.

Otherwise, I’ll use the information to prepare for our meeting and look forward to our chat.

If you find you can’t keep your appointment, please refer to your confirmation email for instructions on cancelling the appointment.

Please don’t just miss your appointment without cancelling.  Remember, I only set time aside for a few of these meetings.  If you can’t, or don’t want to, keep your appointment, cancelling your reservation will make it available for someone else.

Here’s to RESETTING your Career and Life and becoming the QUEEN OF YOUR HUSTLE!

Tia Castagno
Founder & CEO, UnlockYourBlock