Thriving Through Intelligent Energy Management

Tia is a renowned keynote speaker, with a powerful and inspirational message, broadly falling in one of three areas:

Motivational & Mindset

Mental & Emotional Fitness

Creativity, Diversity and Leadership

In all her talks, Tia balances highly inspirational content with examples of applying simple, highly effective techniques, painting a clear and beautiful vision for the audience of the profound transformation they could be making to their lives, as well as of the positive impact we can all have on the world around us. All her talks are peppered with personal and other relevant stories, which are told with lots of passion and never fail to captivate the audience.

The exact topic and keynote content will be tailored to the theme of your event and agreed with you well in advance. See some topic examples below and previous keynote video samples here:

Transforming Stress, the King of Toxic Blocks

Our lifestyles and work practices are having a huge toll on our health and happiness. It’s a global epidemic that is sparing no one. Very inspirational and at the same time practical talk that introduces people to the best Mental and Emotional Resilience & Self-Regulation tools Tia has learned. Read More

Transforming Stress, the King of Toxic Blocks

This talk illustrates why scientifically at birth we are all creative. The obstacles that come in the way of that expression as we grow and the ways we can all access those powers any time we need. As creativity is innate we all always can draw from that well, if we keep it filled! Read More

Keynotes Design & Experience

Before the event: Anyone planning an event or conference has one main preoccupation in mind: will the audience have a great experience? Tia will put your mind at rest by thoroughly discussing your event, theme, audience and desired outcome. She will then plan her keynote accordingly.

On the day: Tia’s presentations are as insightful as entertaining and inspiring. You can expect her to connect with the audience from the moment she steps on stage (or Zoom!); deliver concepts with crystal clarity and simplicity; and fully draw the audience in with her passion, presence and stories. But don’t take our word for it! See what people have to say in the testimonials below.

  • 20', 30', 45' or 60' Keynotes
  • Staff Conferences
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Industry Events
  • Leadership Meetings
  • Universities & Schools
  • bio-technology demo (Resilience keynotes)
  • Mental Fitness Starter Tools


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