UnlockYourBlock is a journey of self-transformation, focused on getting each of us to express our full potential and live our calling.

It’s a practical programme aimed at helping you boost your Creativity, conquer your fear of Public Speaking, eliminate Stress, feel Confident & empowered and become Successful whatever your position in society or work may be.

These qualities are essential to all areas of life, any profession and business. Hence the concept and programme are relevant and can help anyone; from writers to entrepreneurs, creative directors to architects, corporate employees in any role, students or housewives…literally anyone who finds themselves blocked in one or more areas and/ or unable to express their full potential. UnlockYourBlock is also aimed at dealing with one of the biggest blocks of our time: stress.

Whether via material to absorb and practise in your own time, corporate or in-education programmes, private coaching, workshops or retreats, you will be empowered with timeless tools and skills, including many mindfulness and yoga techniques to call upon when you most need it.