Join Tia’s workshops to unlock your physical, mental, emotional well-being; learn how to manage stress, boost your confidence, and unleash your creativity.



UnlockYourSuccess Retreat


Join Tia on her next signature retreat in idyllic Sicily and come back re-energised and with a plan for Success





UnlockYourBlock is a journey of self-transformation, focused on getting each of us to express our full potential and live our calling.



Unleash Your Creativity


Focus your body and mind to enhance your energy and unleash your creative power.



Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking


Master how to stay calm in front of any audience, no matter what happens.



Speaking at Events



Wow your audiences by unlocking their hidden abilities. Book Tia for your upcoming event.






UnlockYourBlock is a practical programme aimed at helping you boost your Creativity, conquer your fear of Public Speaking, eliminate Stress, feel Confident & empowered and become Successful whatever your position in society or work may be. Whether you want to work on one or all the areas above, you will learn to adopt the mindset as well as acquire the tools you’ll be able to draw on for life.